Thursday, May 17, 2018

May so far

The kids are getting so old and school for the year is almost finished. Ian will be done with kindergarten. His class is planning a school party at a play place and I need to order his graduation packet. For his 7th birthday he has told me he wants a tablet, remote control airplane and some overalls. His class put in a Mother’s Day celebration for me and the moms. They made muffins and sang us songs and grew flowers. He was so proud. He is in soccer right now with his old coach. His coach loves him and said he never gives up and is a tank.

Owen went to the doctor today. He is three years old and weighed 33 pounds and is 3’3”. He was so shy and stand offish. I was sad he had to do a shot. After he got one he was crying hurt me! It hurt me!  So sad for me. He had to be convinced to get a sticker. He is my little buddy and will start preschool in the mornings next year.

Logan has been busy with third grade. He has a group of guys that he hangs with called the bro bros. They play games and run around. He has also started getting interested in making comics. He will spend hours sitting at the table with papers strewn out drawing and writing his latest story. For his last book order he convinced me to order him 15 books. He carries as many as he can everywhere. He also plays soccer. He tried out this week for the year round soccer team, but didn’t make it. I think thevoaches had worked together beforehand to set up the roster. He was bummed but excited to have some time this summer for fun and camping.

Caylee is in her last official year of elementary. She will be in 6th grade. She quit cheer mid year and switched to dance, but now is getting ready to go back with a new cheer gym. She has been navigating the year with a bully named Kayleigh and finding lots of new girlfriends.

Friday, April 27, 2018

A Year of Blessing

A year has gone by and holy moly so much has happened. After a good part of the year in the trailer with the home build we actually finished our house and moved in the week after Thanksgiving. The house Ian beautiful and perfect. A definite answer to prayers. It took many dump truck loads of gravel shoveling, driveway rebuilding, painting, equipment rentals, contractor monitoring, dump truck and ports potty coordinating work. After we got moved in and emptied out our storage unit we literally spent a few months not doing much. We had sod ordered and we planted it in the winter, hired a women led hydroseed company for the rest, planted trees and are now seeing it all come together and grow beautifully. The loan worked out amazingly with a qualify for a 15 year mortgage. The kids are settled in their rooms and loving the extra space. The kids started a new school and are almost done with the year. Ian in kinder, Logan in 3rd and Caylee in 5th. I can’t beli ow fast time has flown by. God is good!

Monday, May 22, 2017

No more rain

I wanted to capture some memories in fragmented snippets so as not to forget them. It has been too long. Here is what has happened in the last couple of months.

-Thankful to a God that the construction loan for building our house came through. The land is paid off and we are currently excavating.
-Our road trip to California for cheer. Leaving after Tuesday practice to start off and our times in the beach house, by the pool and at Downtown Disney watching Beauty and the Beast together. The boys going to San Diego. Then ending in Universal Studios with an all night drive home. 16 hrs straight. Vans driving down the road with broken and open doors, Vince counting jack rabbits to stay away. Me taking the wheel at daybreak as we crossed into Oregon.
-Ian starting tball and being the one on the first day with absolutely no gear and soccer clothes. Him growing to love it and hit a solid pitch without the stand at least once per game. Realizing that he would be playing every year and logan too.
-Logans 8th birthday spent opening whoopie cushions, shark playing cards and remote controlled helicopters. Lunch at McDonald's after his brothers tball game. Then an afternoon at abricks and Minifigs to pick out Lego sets. Us deciding to get a hotel for the night to take proper baths. Him spending the day setting up his lego set. Ending with Guardians of the agalaxy on the. If screen screen.
-logan loving to draw and doodle in his notebooks. Spending lots of
Time in his bunk building legos.
-Miss Caylee growing into a beautiful young lady full of opinion and intelligence. Her starting another year at her cheer gym. She told me yesterday that during practice there was a moment where she got stuck in a group of gossiping. She quickly remembered sermons we listen to from Joel Osteen about not joining in and tried to change the subject. Later the girls got called about by the person they had been discussing. Caylee frantically confirmed to her that she hadn't participated to which the girl said she knew. Caylee was so relieved. I was so proud of her. Yay Caylee!!
-Owen is just starting to talk, babble and mimic sounds at almost three. I think I can breathe finally. After not making a speech appointment and being worried for a while he is on the up swing. He actually for the first time came into my room last.m night and I said hi and he gave me back a resounding hi!  I was floored and every time he says new words I have to stop and give him a big hug. He has been a silent participant and is finally getting his voice. He used to cry and point but now is using some sounds and words. Toddler steps lol. He also at bedtime will leave his siblings and walk to our room. All of a sudden I will hear the door slide over and leave just enough of a space for his face to stick through with a big old smile and then say hi. So cute!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Walking by faith

It's 2017!  I have to say that these last three months have been incredible, scary, and amazing alll in one. We decided to take the plunge into a giant pool of faith towards our destiny and give it all to God. He has met us at every turn.

After being turned down for a construction loan in September for a home on our property we captured the vision of having a home on the dirt and gave our notice to the landlord that we were moving. Along the way a brand new travel trailer with all the features I have always dyalked about fell into our laps. We are now living as a family of six in a 2016 Shadowcruiser with the four kids in the back quad bunk room.

All winter long we chiseled away while it snowed at preparing the lot for living. We dug trenches for power amidst icy cold water pouring in and mud flow., and frozen mud. We hand spread a dump truck amount of gravel with just Vince and I and Logan helping with just a wheelbarrow and shovels while the snow started to fall and our littles in the van with the heat in, snacks and movies in my cell phone.  When that power Box was installed I can't tell you how happy I was to see power.

Moving out here, putting everything in storage without an end game and only on a feeling of divination is surreal. People nwouldnask who our lender was, the builder, our home olannnwe would tell them we had no idea at that time. That it would work outnwe knew it. God had it.

I tell you what. Three days after finalizing the rental and living there I called down the list of bankers for the heck of it. It was dead of winter and we were barely recovering from the move. I wanted to get an idea for the future. I sent out an email to a friend lender whom I found out it never sent as a simultaneously called down the list affiliated with a particular builder. They all were out of office. I left voicemails. Out of 7 calls one called me back.

She preceded to go through the questions. I hesitantly answered waiting for the balk to drop. It never did. In fact she kept asking for more information. Pretty soon we were meeting with the builder to pick a home and get an appraisal. Septic design problems were getting resolved hours before loan decisions were being made. Inspectors were handing us lending signs to post at the end of the driveway. Favors were being offered to help dig out final details with trenching. Money would come in minutes after receiving another large preparation bill. I found out our taxes were coming that week just minutes after we received a knee blowing bill. Taxes that would also pay for the fees needed to the builder, the appraisal. All of this while trying to pay bills and succeeding during ice storms. One day in prayer I called to God that I would trust him. Not lose hope. Then minutes after when I gave the gas attendant a $10 he accidentally filled the tank to $19. Talk about A moment where God steps in saying uncover all. Not on your glory but thine.

I sit here six weeks. Literally six weeks after we moved into the trailer with no idea how this would end. No plan just a dream and an inspiration. I tell you that we received the final approval from the bank. We are signing initial docs and meeting with the builder this week to finalize. I can't even begin to tell you. God has been so faithful to us and has shown himself through all
Of this it is humbling. Humbling nthst he cares about us at all let alone to take us by the hand and lead us down this path.

I am so very grateful for Him and His love. Grateful for His mercy that I do.l not deserve. I wish to never forget this journey.m, and use it to glorify Him always.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snow days!

Two snow days this week. Monday I sat the kids down to start their homeschool work and the snow started. All ideas of work and accomplishment flew out the window as the kids suited up in coats and mix matched gloves and socks and ran outside. It didn't last long or stick but the kids got some good time and then came in and had one of their best homeschool days in a while.

Today there was a lot of snow to the fact that most of the area shut down in preparation. Our back door was open and shut all day long with kids going out to play and coming in to warm up and then going out again. The house became messy with the kids playing make believe together everywhere. Pretending to be their favorite show Odd Squad. As vince and I sat and read and relaxed. I love their imagination.

Owen eating his first legitimate vegetables. Carrots with ranch. Him saying no and shaking his head in response to questions. Logan relentlessly asking if I am open and throwing the football back and forth in the living room. Ian constantly telling me how pretty I am and how I don't look old but look beautiful and I tell him he looks handsome. Caylee asking for hug after hug throughout the day especially at bedtime.

I love my life.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holidays and a Reset

foret off we had a great Thanksgiving. I got the privilege of hosting dinner at our home with our family and my parents, sister and brother Clint along with our good friend Eileen. There was lots of good food and conversation. THis came the week after a really hard time
For my dad and the funeral of my grandpa. It was nice to see him smile again after a long week. The next day we all loaded up in the cars and drove over to Lincoln a city to spend the night exploring the beach. We did some Black Friday shopping, ate pizza, swam and saw the ocean. It was fun to see my dad help teach my boys to swim.

Life has been busy with school, cheer and life. Ian invited my mom to grands day at his preschool this week and they made necklaces. He was so excited to have her. Caylee has her first cheer competition this weekend. Logan has been busy taking a break from wrestling and Owen is actually starting to say some words like uh oh. And oh no. Along with other surprises.

I think my biggest stress is the fact that it's not only the Christmas shopping season but we have decided to move out at the end of our lease to a trailer in our property. We officially gave our notice. I have finished most of the shopping which is nice. On top of that is the site prep expenses for getting electric and water hooked up plus the general moving costs. This would technically make the second time in 12 months we have moved plus having to renovate our
Other small
House when the tenants moved out. Let's just say I will be excited to be done so we can semi hunker down and start working our way back up. Have to pay for presents, everyday life plus electric lines is putting me in a funk.

I need to re evaluate my approach as my cooking has slipped. My zest for the kids and my path with them and homeschooling has slipped. Feeling overwhelmed. And guilty about money with no end in sight.

I am going to work on using my crockpot and only saying uplifting things to everyone instead of wandering Walmart in a daze and being focused on everything but the moment. Not appreciating what I do have with homeschooling and instead thinking of an easy way out. It is hard. I am
Human. Tonight I will cook but tomorrow it's Safeway pizzas.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tears of love and sadness

just trying to joy my memories down before I forget another day. Honestly I can't believe it is almost thanksgiving next week. I volunteered to host the dinner and better get a turkey soon.

My grandpa died yesterday morning. He was 89 and outlived my grandma by four years. It is my dads father and he has been handling his feelings pretty privately. I feel guilty that I didn't go down and see him in the last four years. Life gets busy with the kids and us being 12 hrs away. He got dementia and had a stroke in the end. My parents are going down to his funeral this weekend. My sis and I want to go but won't be able too. My brother Clint got to spend a lot of time with him and say goodbye as he goes to college fairly close.

My daughter has spent the last six months at a new cheer gym and has had her share of blood sweat and tears. Lots of hard work and just got her uniform, bow and backpack for the year. Such a proud little girl and I must say she has worked hard for it. Lots of sparkle this year and she can't get enough.   We cut her hair short for her headband bow.

Logan just got done with football and started wrestling. He is doing awesome with reading and math in school but I did just have to deal with a mom who said he put his hands on her kids throat. And another one. The other mom had no idea what she was talking about and neither did logan. I asked her to next time talk to me since she talks to me every school day in general. Was disappointed in my son being called a choker around school.

Ian actually pooped in the toilet without being asked. This kid is 5 yrs old and is waiting for kindergarten. Let me just say i am praying to the toilet gods that this sticks. Don't ask.

Owen is cute but getting feisty as heck. Dr jeckyll and me Hyde. One minute hugging you and the next minute slapping you. At least he has waned from spitting. He always throws away his garbage when done but also likes the cause and effect of throwing cups of liquid and spilling Leto buckets.