Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Waldorf Way

It's been awhile since the last post. I guess you could say that we have been busy living life and sorting through its adventures. In the spring I put my oldest daughter into a Waldorf style Pre-K. The walls of the classroom are covered in wooden toys, rocks and dolls with no faces. There is an aversion to television and radio, and in its place is imagination and instruments. When I walked into the room, and met the teacher I knew it was the place for her. The teacher who is from Germany connected with us instantly. They knit, do yoga, drink tea...a school right up my alley! Lol! It has been a learning process for me. I have typically been conscious of screen time, but find that I could be doing a lot better at it. Heck! I still haven't been able to cut it out completely. There are those nights once or twice a week where a movie, popcorn and blanket are in order. I have also, with the help of the teacher, been able to pinpoint that She is extra sensitive to different factors such as tv, sugar and external stimuli. In a typical school setting she would probably be diagnosed eventually with mild ADHD or being hyper. They don't eat a lot of sugar, but when she does she is hard to control. I can see that she isn't able to stay in her right mind. This has led to changing situations before they start by regular quiet time and lots of outdoor time. I am not entirely sold if the program will be good for my son, because he is pretty independent. I think Montessori would suit him better, but since I don't have the money or sanity to put the kids in different schools it will probably lead to free schooling for the both of them. This Picture is of the kids at the May Day festival the school had.
Here is her class dancing around the maypole.