Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have been slacking in the blogging department, so I am going to do a highlight recap. Caylee started her first day of kindergarten. She loves it there, but a month later we decided to move her. It was a lot of hard thinking, but the tuition was a lot, the driving was 2 hours a day and we would not be able to continue it into first grade. She was also getting tired 3 days in a row. We found a half home/half school program in Vancouver that is with the school district. It has been good for her and she enjoys science class. She is a sweetheart who is always helping. She adores her brothers, and is always being a little mother playing with them. She also loves playing make believe, and does that all day long over toys. She keeps begging us for a sister, though that might not happen lol! Her fave right now is Tinkerbell. She is tender heart who gets quiet and nervous in new situations, but she is a firecracker who is flexing her big girl independence. Logan was able to start preschool down the road. He was more than excited to have his special time with new friends. He is full of energy, loves to ride his bike, and play with other boys at the park. He is a bowl in a china cabinet figuring out his new 3 year old independence and energy, and he is full of heart taking lately to babies And his favorites are Spider-Man and cars. It used to be trains, but sadly that is fading out :( Ian is busy walking/running all around. It has given him a new independent which has translated to climbing. He is his fathers child when it comes to being a daredevil. He now climbs onto our bed, the couch, the dining table. Hejaz such a sense of humor, and is a sweet heart. He is always helping out bringing me the broom and playing nicely with his siblings. He adores his daddy, and his latest words are hi, sisi, thank you, dada and mama. Dad is busy working to support the family, and keep food on the table. He is a new tea drinker who loves tattoos. Mom is busy loving her family, and enjoying every moment. I love tea as well, and hanging with my sis and new friend Sally.