Monday, August 26, 2013

Children's quotes of the week

Kids sure say the darnedest things. I feel the need to preserve them. My six year old saying that she loves us more than chocolate ice cream. She also wants a bikini and high heels, but not necessarily together. This weekend she got into writing out words she hears, and she came out with a paper saying Oh man are we in trouble. Logan my 4 year drew a picture of flowers and 2 people standing amongst them. They had circles on their chests. I asked if it was him and I, and he said mom that is not me! That is you and sissy, because those are boobs to which my daughter declared that she did not want boobs. He also told me that he is older now and is not afraid of anything, and if Bigfoot or a dinosaur comes up to him he will punch his eyes out and jump in them. My 2 year old is starting to say sentences. He is also learning to defend himself by throwing, but likes to warn you. She will say, mom I am going to throw it at you, or mom I am climbing on your bed. He patiently waited to cuddle with me tonight until I got done with my yoga. Love those guys.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August time and the livings easy!

I just looked at the calendar and realized that my son's pre-k starts in 2 weeks. What the heck!? What have we been doing all month? Working and playing and enjoying. This post will be mostly pictures as I this explains it all.

nk it

Ian had his 2nd birthday. He loves baloons!

He is our little Pooh bear, and is always on the hunt for food.

Vince and the kids did the Spartan Race. Hoorah!

Vince going down the Spartan slide

iv> Logan going through the mud and over the wall. I was so busy cheering when Caylee went by that I didn't realize that I took pictures of the mud instead of her.

Fun at the fair.
Vince and I 8 years ago.
Us celebrating our anniversary kid-free at a lightbulb shop.
And by getting a Stash Tea.
And who could forget loving our blackberries.