Saturday, December 20, 2014

Alpenrose Storybook Lane, Dairyville

One of our traditions is to go to the Alpenrose Dairyville every Christmas.  I absolutely love it especially the flocked tree room.  We might not be able to go this year because of the engine swap I am so sad, but I found this youtube video that I lived vicariously through.  Thank you to the makers of this video as I hope you enjoy it also!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Life is good.  Life is busy.  I couldn't ask for more.  I am thankful for all of that, love, health, family, friends, hope, food, music, internet...the list goes on and on.  Vince has been busy replacing the engine in his Chevy Suburban, and is learning a lot.  In the meantime I am working not only as mom at home, but also as his driver while his truck is down to chase roofing calls arising from wind damage.

The kids seem like they are all getting so old and growing so fast.  Baby Owen is almost 4 months now.  He is sitting up in his chair now for short amounts of time, loves to talk and observe and is ticklish.  I am able to hold him in my lap while he supports his head for the most part.  So cute and so much love.  Ian is busy potty training for the first legitimate time, and is hitting the ground running.  He is such a big boy now I am so proud.  He has also been my travel companion on the roofing calls.  We spend the time goofing off and dancing while he makes fun of rap music.  

Logan is rocking it in kindergarten.  I love my Logan guy even though he can go from cold to boiling hot in a second with his temper.  He has made fast friends with the son of my high school best friend.  They are literally about a week apart in age, and are inseparable when together.  Last weekend we all got together and they gave each other a huge bro hug.

Logan and Caylee had their school concerts this week on different nights.  It was nice, because both sets of grandparents came and everyone had a great time.  The kids looked so cute and did such a good job.  I was so proud!  C

Caylee is getting so old and so tall.  We are basically match for match physically as she is not a little girl anymore.  At least not the one I remember.  She is becoming a beautiful young lady inside and out and has a lot of spirit and love.

On a whim we took a trip to the humane society and ended up adopting a small dog.  He is a chihuahua we named Bruce and is only 5 pounds, so a lot smaller than we are used too.  It is getting more familiar, but has taken some getting used too.  I didn't know if I should be buying him rain galoshes or something.  The kids really picked him out as they noticed that he would run up to the gate every time they walked by.  I told them that he adopted them.  He is a sweetheart, and we are getting him used to the food and potty rules of the house.

Aside from that it is Christmas a usual.  I am working to cross activities and traditions off my list though a few we won't be able to get to this year.  Here are some decorations and activities we are doing.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Moms and Christmas Magic

Are there any other moms out there who love Christmas, but find yourself getting overwhelmed with all of the obligations that come with it?  I have.  As a mom and wife I pretty much have the sole responsibility of creating the magic of Christmas for the home.  I enjoy the job, but do find myself getting overwhelmed and discouraged at times.  The kids are only in our home for a short amount of time, and then they are off to create memories with their own families.  It is a large and small window I have been given.  I was just talking to my mom today who said that my poor dad spent the weekend putting up lights outside which entailed slipping out of a small tree onto his back, and dragging out the boxes of ornaments for my mom to debate with me how much she was even going to decorate.  Her hesitation was that all of kids were grown and have either moved away, or not spending much time there.  The kid in me told her that she had to decorate.

Our list as a mom is long.  For me it entails shopping for everyone besides me, picking out stockings and their stuffers, making sure the baby has a first Christmas ornament, hiding and wrapping everything, making sure we don't spend too much or too little, queing up all of the appropriate holiday movies, finding a Santa who takes pictures at a reasonable price, making cookies, making gingerbread houses, the advent calendar, sending out cards, and making sure we check out all of our Christmas haunts around town.  Phew!  Don't forget the tree and ornaments.  I didn't even get into the Elf on the Shelf.  That is because....gulp...the elf does not visit our house.  I admit that I feel a little guilty that I haven't jumped onto the bandwagon, and even spent a minute at Costco deliberating with my hand on the box, but I put it back onto the shelf.  I asked my mom if I was a bad mom for not doing it, and she said that thinks I should stick to Santa.  She also brought up the fact that when I was little I probably would have been a little freaked out by the thought of an elf wondering around the house loose while I was asleep. 

Hang in there me, and all you mom's out there.  It is worth it, but we just need to not lose our heads.  Below are pictures of our tree this year.  We didn't make it out to a tree farm this year, but ventured to a lot.  It took another day to put our tree up with lights, and I am thinking about buying some ornaments from the store this year as opposed to dragging out the box I have used for the last ten years.  Time to change it up I think.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Cheer and Time Flying By

Time has just gone by so fast, and I haven't done a lick of memory recording.  It seems that there is never enough moments in a day, but honestly when I get out of practice I get out of habit.  I am going to keep it short and sweet today.

-December brings Christmas.  I am half decorated in the house, and am scrambling to get a tree.  This late Thanksgiving is hard.

-Our Thanksgiving was spent at home for the first time.  I made a ton of food and our friend Eileen joined us as all of our family took a year off for various reasons.

-We had to put our 11 year old dog Fonzy down last weekend after he fought a long battle with kidney disease.  He took a turn for the worse, and spent the weekend not eating, drinking or being able to move from where he lay.  It was pretty horrible and Vince and I went together as his mom watched the kids for us. He was such a good dog, and my husband's first dog ever.

-Did I even talk about Halloween?  The kids and their cousin Jay went trick or treating together.  My parents came too.  Pretty special after all these years to bring back the memories from when I was a kid.  Let's see.  Caylee was a mermaid, Logan a zombie, Ian a Ninja Turtle and Owen a pumpkin.  Vince and I have basically ate their candy.  Plus it all got wet from the rain from that night.

-I officially quit my job at the accounting firm over email the Friday before I was supposed to return.  I just couldn't do it, and Vince didn't want to stay home.  His business is busier than ever thankfully.

*Taking Ian to the mall for the first time to his memory and him being weirded out by the mannequins.  He kept asking really loudly where their heads and feet were.  Everyone around was laughing.
*Logan becoming more of a boy as he navigates kindergarten.  He is still my little boy who likes to sleep by me lately at night and say goodbye from close range at the bus stop, but he is gruffer a bit and always bumbling around when he is bored
*Caylee becoming more of a little lady, and working hard in cheer.  Her dad and I trying to jointly help her with a math project just to confuse her.  She actually aced the classwork the next week.
*Owen starting to stay awake for longer intervals.  He is nice enough to let me sleep most of the night.
*Owen meeting baby Bruce for the first time.  She is the son of my friend Lindsay.
*Ian getting his first haircut ever at 3 1/2.  He is still not potty training...
*Logan asking to stop gymnastics, and confirming that by walking off the mats to put his shoes on as the entire gym sung his coach happy birthday.
*Caylee reading and reading.  It is pretty interesting now that she can read everything....Road signs, billboards, profanity in tunnels.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oltmann Farms Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is quickly approaching, and we were able to make it to the pumpkin patch last weekend.  We have been going to Oltmann Farms the last couple of years and really love it.  The kids went on a barrel train ride as many times as they would allow, found their way threw a corn maze and picked their perfect pumpkin.  It was a beautiful day, and I loved seeing all of the Fall colors.  My whole goal was to get a family photo before we left with all six of us.  It was our first photo since our little guy came.  It is already on our wall.

As most weekends go, we were so busy with football, cleaning and outings that I did not read my Bible.  It was the first time in a couple of weeks that I missed a day.  On Saturday we were getting ready for the patch, so I was hustling getting everyone out the door and into the van.  The cars ahead of me were going to slow and making stupid decisions, so I started yelling out driving advice in the car and complaining.  I just felt off.  After getting gas I started to ask what the heck my problem was, and realized I had not had my God time.  Literally right after that I turned right onto the road leaving the gas station and spotted a church sign on the corner that read, "Keep calm and read scriptures."  I had to laugh.  That is what lead to me buying a homemade sign at the patch made out of old barn wood that says, "Did you think to pray?"  It is hanging by my door.

My reading today was in Timothy 6.  It reminded me to focus on wealth with God and not the wealth of the world.  Here is 5-11: " ...and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain.  But godliness with contentment is great gain.  For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.  But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.  People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction.  For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.  Some people, eager for money, have wandered from he faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.  But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness."

It is crazy to think that money and wealth is by no means a new problem with people.  This has literally been a lifelong quest for people that have been long dead for centuries.  We will, like them, spend our lives chasing the dollar and all that comes with it until we die to which our lives will be added to the list of those forgotten.  That realization definitely puts my concerns with wealth into perspective.  In verse 18 there is a part that states, " that they may take hold of the life that is truly life."  This is pertaining to focusing on the wealth of God as opposed to the wealth of the world.  So, this means that the life that I am trying to create with the resources around me is not really life?  How many times I find myself kind of putting my life on "hold" until I achieve the perfect dynamic around me.

"I know we are just renting here, so we will really settle down and enjoy the house after we buy property."

"I know that we have food to eat and the lights are on, and are able to go on excursions to the pumpkin patch, but I will really feel comfortable when we have accomplished my desired savings account."

May I always remember to not use God inappropriately to achieve wealth in this world.  May I be content with the clothes on my back and the food in my cupboard.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Christ in the Car

Happy Monday to you!  It is now afternoon and I am sitting on my front step waiting for the kids to get off the bus.  Since I have been busy with little babies and pregnancy and life I have not always gone to church every Sunday.  My plan is to change that here soon now that the baby is getting a bit older.  Aside from that my constant has been a TV and online program called "The Hour of Power" with pastor Bobby Schuller.  I used to catch it on TV when it aired, but now find myself watching it more online when I have the time early in the week.

This weeks was a continuation about becoming students of Christ, and this time like every other time I gain a valuable nugget of information.  Pastor Schuller spoke how Christ wants to be our friend, and to "ride in the car with us" so to speak.  The analogy was that if we stopped and asked him for directions he would not hand us a map or explain and wave us goodbye, but he would hop in and show us the way a direction at a time.  How amazing is that?  So many times in life and even while driving to an unknown place I require to know the next 5 steps in order to make the first one.  When I load a coordinate on Mapquest the first thing I do is click ahead through the next five moves in order to feel comfortable with the first one.  To think of life being lived with Christ in a step by step basis is something we learn and attempt to apply, but without an example it can be hard to envision.  Today I found myself saying throughout the day, "Okay Christ, you are in the car with me right?  Please be in the car with me!"  As Bobby Schuller put it, Christ doesn't want us to drop him off when things are going good, or to leave him behind if he runs in for a quick cup of coffee.  Would I do that to my husband? Heck no!

The other inspiration from the sermon is one I am excited to have heard about, and wanted to get it out there in my written form.  It was talking about a men's ministry called the 4th Musketeer.  It is a weekend challenge type of male ministry that started in Europe and is now in the US.  With three dates and locations during the year men can come together to get away from everyday life and experience physically challenging rugged obstacles in the heart of nature.  This is in order to tap into a man's desire for change and adventure with the comraderie of others.  It also provides a practical correlation between the challenges they face and God's love and word.

I am so excited that there is something out there like this, and one of the dates happens to be over my husband's 33rd birthday.  He is a thrill seeker hiding in a suburban father's body and deserves an opportunity to escape and get in touch with that again.  I hope he is excited to find out that I signed him up.  If you have a moment check it out!

Hour of Power
The 4th Musketeer
4th Musketeer Video

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Trusting God in Changing Seasons

How has the week been? It has been fast for me. The list of accomplishments include cooking, eating out, two library visits, two visits to both the dog and child park, feeding a baby, changing lots of diapers, reading my daily devotional, laughing and crying. It has been a little over six weeks from the c-section and though my activity has been increasing I still find myself healing. My stomach is sore in spots and doesn't always agree with my decision to carry the baby in the Boba carrier for long periods of time. I have enjoyed staying home with the kids and getting in touch with my homemaking side, which included buying some couch pillows and warming up a frozen cobbler.

 It has also been extremely tiring and trying. The two T's. There might be another T involved soon and that involves trust. Trusting in God, myself and what is meant to be. When my two older kids were younger I stayed home for about four years, and then my husband made a switch that enabled me to work full time while he watched the kids. An answer to prayer has came in the last couple of weeks that would result in my husband working full time, while I stay home with the new baby. It is not set in stone yet, and it is all quite exciting, but also extremely nerve racking.

 Since I haven't officially pulled the plug I have had moments of second guessing my decision in the midst of being overwhelmed and exhausted. Both times I threw my hands up and did the only thing I could think of, and that was to ask God, "Is this what you want for us? Am I making the right decision?" I am recently born again on my walk with Christ and including God in my life, but was humbled to find that both times God ended up answering my prayer. One of those answers came back in the form of a passage of scripture in Philippians 4:4-7. It had come up in my daily reading one morning because that was the day prescribed by my daily Bible. I absolutely loved it and took it as my own. It was later that day when I had my first shout (pleading) out to God. The next early morning during a feeding I was half asleep and opened up my email from an online bible study program from "Women Living Well," and saw that the same passage of scripture was put at the end of the email. I was blown away because the Women Living Well group is not even reading the same section as I am. They are working on Genesis.

 The second answer was when at was at the library with my four kids and my eyes were drawn to a book on the shelf. It was, "My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife," by Sara Horn. The book follows the journey of Sara Horn who tries to apply the ambitious and easily discouraging definition of a Proverbs wife to a real wife. I am early into it, but am eagerly soaking it up. God is good. He does listen and He does answer in the appropriate time and manner. I am thankful that I matter to Him even though I feel insignificant in a sea of creation. Here are some pictures from our week including pumpkin painting at a local apple festival.
Philippians 4:4-7 "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again, Rejoice!" Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer, petition, thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Good and the Reality

Saturday by myself with all four kids while my husband works is hard stuff. My day is spent breaking apart fights, putting children in constant time outs, feeding and changing the baby, telling them to stop yelling and more. That is my reality. Earlier outside my 3 year old swung the wind chime my way as a piece of glass made contact with my face right between the eyes. I didn't realize until an hour later that it had resulted in blood. I asked my 7 year old why no one told me and she said she thought I knew I was bleeding.

Our outside time of play ended after about 2 hours after the sweet old lady in the next yard was pruning her Dahlias while my kids proceeded to kick the fence in order to get a spider, yell at each other and repeatedly yell at me in a sing song voice that they could see my "butt crack." Excuse me for putting on an old pair of jeans for the first time after pregnancy. Now I just need to find my belt. I also am kind of bummed that one of my teeth that has a root canal and crown appears to be going bad. I didn't know that was possible, but am disappointed at the thought due to diligently brushing my teeth twice a day.

Phew! So now for the good. It is moments when I take the time to look around and snap a photo that I see the beauty amongst the chaos. Today we busted out the tape and construction paper and made Halloween decor. I have french onion soup cooking in the crockpot, which I have never made before. I am hoping it is a soothing concoction to our fall sore throats. I also love my new wreath that requires me to open the door shutter to admire.

I sign off while having my 3 year old's feet in my face as he is trying to wrestle me and give me hugs.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Baby puke and all that matters

This week has been full of mom at home time with the new baby and I have loved it. The baby has spent his time doing what a lot of one month olds do, which is sleeping, eating, puking and pooping. I have been hit with projectile baby poo and vomit many times this week. After trying to move out of the way and deflect at the same time I either throw a load into the wash or decide it is not worth a spin cycle. I must say that I wouldn't have it any other way. All of this time spent at home has sparked my decorating interest as I now notice bare walls and vacant spaces. Those areas are now adorned with colorful memories and harvest spackle. Yesterday was a mid morning Costco trip with the littles while everyone else in the house was at school or work. It was the first time I have gone when I have usually been at work. I used to be a stay at home mom, and found myself transported back into that lifestyle along with other moms shopping with restless kids in tow. It is a privilege I felt a little guilty for.

I want to backtrack to last weekend, because we went on our last vacation of the year to the beach. It was the first time we had stayed overnight at the beach in about 3 years, because we have been doing day trips. The kids were excited, especially Logan who couldn't believe we were "sleeping at the beach." The weather was perfect thanks to an indian summer. We stayed two nights getting in late the first. It was a bit of a drive in, but we were able to settle in to our chalet cabin before bed. I absolutely love the beach to the point that it annoys my husband. I am a water sign being a cancer, and sitting by the ocean rejuvenates me. We spent the next day playing on the beach in the morning. The kids got absolutely soaked in the Oregon Coast water and didn't realize they were cold until they were finished. In the afternoon explored the historic bay front of Newport, Oregon where we met good people and bought taffy and fudge from a candy shop.

The most amazing part of the trip for me was the sunset on Saturday evening. I didn't have my camera with me, so will have to rely on my memory. I sat in front of a log while holding my baby, while Vince and the kids played in front of the setting sun. Vince and Logan played football and Caylee and Ian explored the logs. As the sun started to set I was overcome with happiness and thankfulness for my family, God's creation and the pure moment in front of me that I actually started to tear up.

Life is a treasure to be enjoyed in moments.

If you get a chance read from Philippians 3: 7-21

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Alice Walker - Our Continent

"We're learning day by day that the most foreign country is within. " - Alice Walker Per Sarah Ban Breathnach, "We are our own dark continent, we are our own savage frontier. Many marvels await discovery as we continue on the path to authenticity."

Monday, September 22, 2014

Go Seahawks!

The trip last weekend went good aside from a few minor hotel scheduling snafus. We found a park along the way up that provided beauty and a place to stretch our legs. On Sunday the boys had a blast at the game, while the rest of us spent the day swimming and going to the flight museum. We didn't get in until late, so I was a bum on the couch until about 2 pm today. Here are some pics

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Managing Expectation

As I spend my morning Saturday morning preparing for a quick getaway with four kids while on major delay I am learning to manage expectations and my attitude. I am pondering in between wrangling kids my morning reading knowing I am guilty of many behaviors stated. Wish me luck haha.

Galations 5:19-25

The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy...But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rain and Lazy

It is the first day of rain in awhile. I just meandered to the kitchen in my pjs to get my son an applesauce and saw that it was noon. How did that happen? I am usually up and at 'em by 10 with some laundry started, but I think the weather and catching up on baby sleep has left me moving a little slow. I am okay with that.

Last night I went to a beginning of the year booster meeting in a large auditorium with the baby in the front pack. The auditorium was dark and cool, and I found myself periodically fighting sleep during the club bylaw reciting. At one point the leaders expressed their need to the group for more people to join the committee as treasurers or secretaries etc. I started contemplating if I would be an asset, and if my schedule would allow it with four kids 7 and under to which I decided maybe another year. It was interesting when the teachers gave the introductions for the ladies who were currently filling positions as women of so much to do and not a lot of free time. One woman was holding down a full time stressful job while supporting her husband and his stressful job along with two kids actively involved in extracurricular activities all while volunteering as the secretary for the board. Wow that was intimidating. I was lucky that I was able to show up to the meeting on time in order to get my name on the sign in sheet as well as the baby contentedly in the carrier with my butt in a seat. I can't compete with that motivation I had thought! Then, I took a moment in between trying not to drift off to sleep to realize that I don't really care what someone else does with their week because it doesn't make any mother or father more or less adequate or important in life. It's not a measuring stick unless I want it to be and that felt pretty darn good.

As a side note it looks like we are going on a small overnight family vacay this weekend to support my husband's love of professional sports. His team is playing a killer game and so we are going to spend the night before close by in a large hotel room that accomodates 6 people and has some room for us all to sprawl out. Then when him and my son are at the game the rest of us are going to explore a new area. I am excited, and am hoping it will be as relaxing as a vacation with four kids can be. I had planned a reservation for the Hilton due to it being the only available hotel in the area, but after I saw how swanky it was with valet parking and balconies 15 stories up I directed my anxiety to another locale that is a lot more family friendly.

I am new again to the scripture and God seeking journey, and have a long way to go but wanted to share a passage that stood out in my reading this afternoon.

Galatians 3: 8-12

Formerly, when you did not know God, you were slaves to those who by nature are not gods. But now that you know God-or rather are known by God-how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable principles? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again? You are observing special days and months and seasons and years! I fear for you, that somehow I have wasted my efforts on you. I plead with you, brothers, become like me, for I became like you. You have done me no wrong."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Public Enemy: Public Enemy No. 1

This performance by Public Enemy woke me up from a breastfeeding slumber.  I am getting in lots of late night as of late

Jimmy Fallon, Meghan Trainor & The Roots Sing "All About That Bass" (w/ ...

Here is a Jimmy Fallon segment that I love.  I might be a size 2, but can envy the shake it shake it

Turning a New Leaf - Banishing Riches

The baby is here! Owen was born August 28, 2014 and is an absolute delight to the whole family. He has been spending his time eating, sleeping and pooping. I am enjoying my time on maternity leave and am almost healed from the c-section. School has also started for my kindergartener and 2nd grader. They are loving it and I love that. Here is a pic of me after a long night of feeding haha, and a pic of my little guy:
The post pregnancy hormones have given me the typical crazy highs and lows in regards to mood swings. It is starting to calm down now, but over the last two weeks I have blown up at a dental office after waiting in the car for my husband and the 1/2 hour appt turned into an hour appt with our dead cell phones hindering communication. I have gotten frustrated with perfectly innocent 6 year old gymnasts blocking the hallway with their slow water bottle drinking pace as I am trying to walk past to find my daughter, and I have given up on a grocery store trip alone with my two olders after they proceeded to kick each other in the aisle. This resulted in my daughter wailing at the top of her lungs while clutching her ankle, (she had been the first offender) and the kids putting our only purchase of Lunchables back on the shelf.

The time off during maternity leave and these events have enabled me to have some thinking time and assess my life. My life is pretty good, but I find myself getting caught up in tomorrow and next year and next month. Lately I have been anxious about going back to work when the time comes and have been putting pressure on my husband to make more and do more in order for me not to have to do as much. I have been drawn into facebook and refreshing the news feeds multiple times a day to see what is new in the world of others, while offering my comments off page and in my head to their life and situations. After all I am an expert with no faults to present on social media. All of this came to a head when I went too far and said too much, just to later calm down and look around the ruins of my damage. As I have been self absorbed in the next five events and criticizing why we can't have it today I did not see the hurt I was causing those I love around me. Namely my husband. I was also not living in the moment and taking time to be creative, productive and appreciative.

Change now or be screwed I determined. I have disconnected my facebook account and have mentally banned myself from various sites that cause me to daydream excessively about what could be purchased with no money. This goes for planning dream vacations that we don't know the future for. All of this to only arise when the time is obviously right and the means are there. I also need to admit that I need grace and God in my life because I can't become more grounded on my own. It has been 2 days, and besides the occasional news site or email refreshing I haven't had much to go on the internet for. I am being conscious to not replace one with another. I have also bought a couple of books, some puzzles and games to share with the family. I am not a big game person, but my husband is. My stipulation is that I can have enough time to unwind with a mind numbing tv show before bed. I have also been starting projects that have been on hold like writing on here and sending letters to loved ones.

I might be sharing more anecdotes and pictures on here, reflections of daily observations. I wanted to start with a scripture I stumbled upon that resonated with my current journey.

Proverbs 23:4-5

Do not wear yourself out to get rich, have the wisdom to show restraint. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle."

Bus stop magic:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pregnancy Meltdown

So I did it. I had my first major and hopefully last pregnancy meltdown. I have 6 max guaranteed weeks left to go before my scheduled c-section...I can't believe it...and things are getting intense. My stomach is ginormous and sits in my lap. My back hurts, my stomach aches and I am having a major guilt for not getting photo albums and baby books catalogued from the last two years. This is usually what happens in the end. I am not necessarily in a hurry for it to be over since a newborn is a big deal. I am a little nervous for the task that awaits me after his arrival, let alone the c-section,, but I will get through it. I will also enjoy it. This is my last baby, so it is a little bittersweet. I am glad to be done with this phase, but sad at the same time. Wait, I promised to tell about my meltdown. Here it goes. So my vice is ice cream. I think it runs in my family. My grandfather could eat almost a gallon of it in one sitting. I don't eat quite that much, but enough that I only buy a pint at a time for portion control. The other week Vince bought a 24 count box of snack size ice cream cones. They are good with chocolate inside the waffle cone. They have also lasted a little while, but I am tired of seeing them in my freezer. The other night I mentioned that he should probably not buy that much ice cream again as it is not good to have around. He proceeded to tell me in so many words that he was sorry that I did not have any self control, and I could consider them not meant for me and to leave it at that. It kind of burned me as an 8 month along pregnant lady who already feels big and is doing my best at staying healthy. He didn't apologize and the week went on. Well, last night after I worked all day, mowed the lawn, did the dishes, made dinner and cleaned the house, I decided for some reason that it was a good idea to talk about the ice cream again. I had wanted one but now felt afraid that it would come across as not having any self control. How annoying. I would give him a chance for him to see the error of his ways, right? Wrong. He reiterated what he said earlier and now super tired I decided to keep with it to no avail. At this point I became so livid and filled with frustration that I got up from the couch and stomped to the kitchen. He said, "What are you going to do, throw them?" to which I replied well yes!! I proceeded to open the freezer and one by one throw as hard as I could all seven remaining ice cream cones onto the floor while laughing in my realization at how stupid this had become. Was I done? No. That was not dramatic enough because they were still fully intact, so I proceeded to carry them to the living room and throw them one by one against the wall as hard as I could in order for them to break in half. I was very aware not to aim for a window or something of value, because long term consequences would not be ideal. Halfway in between and mid throw I look over to find my daughter who had been sleeping upstairs earlier standing there in silence staring at me with a befuddled look on her face. She quickly turned and went back to her room as I throw the last two. After all was done I realized I had better go talk to her. She was half asleep, and I said, "Caylee, sometimes when a mom is pregnant she can get a little silly because of the baby in her belly. Everything is fine." We hugged and she went back to bed to which I went back downstairs, grabbed a bag and picked up the broken ice creams and took them to the garbage. After that Vince and I did not exchange a word, and went about our night independently and then went to bed. Should I have thrown the ice cream? No, but it sure felt good, and nothing was hurt.

I am 33 now!

So last weekend was my 33rd birthday. It was also the third time I have been pregnant on my birthday. I think the age 33 is pretty cool, because it is a double number. I am not too bummed yet about getting older, but we will see once I start hitting my 40's. It was on a Saturday this year, so I got to spend the day with the people I love, which was the best gift of all. In the afternoon we went to a Seahawks event and met a player and some of the SeaGals. The kids got to do some football drills and Vince got to see the Lombardi trophy. It was not on my top 10 list of adventures, but I was happy that they were happy. I did place a request afterwards to go out for a big lunch, so we went to Denny's for my free Grand Slam. After hitting a couple of garage sales we went to my mom and dad's house where we hung out in the backyard and stuck my pregnant feet in the kiddie pool.
My husband then arranged for the kids to go to grandma's for a bit while we went downtown to see a comedy show. I haven't been to the place in over 7 years and it was a nice change of scenery from my living room, and the comedians were hilarious. They set us up in a quiet booth in the back. They must have thought we needed it haha.