Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The big move and our pets

Well, we found a larger house in our area at a good price, and we're lucky enough to get it. We have had the keys since last Friday but are not moving in until this next weekend. Sadly since we are renting for a while we have to find a home for some of our pets. I have put out an request to multiple people and agencies with only one response to possibly foster. We are basically out of time so it looks like they will have to go to the shelter tomorrow. Luckily the one in our town is a no kill shelter, but I am sad and frustrated because I emailed them a while ago, but never heard back. They are probably busy and prefer talking, and I am emotional and pregnant. Below is an excerpt from my letter as it explains my feelings for them.

We are a young family who bought our home in 2005, and over the course of 9 years have adopted 3 dogs and 1 cat.  All of them have been rescues or landed in our driveway as dump dogs.  We are about to have our 4th child, and our house as much as we have tried to make it work is very small and we have no choice right now but to rent a larger house in town for 3-4 years before we can buy again.  Needless to say our rental is only letting us keep one of our animals.  We have chosen the one who is older and been with us the longest a 10 year old lab mix who is starting to slow down.  That means I am left trying to find 2 dogs and a cat a home. 

This is pretty hard for me as I am sure you run across a lot.  In all honesty with having our fourth and last kid it is difficult to do activities with more than one dog right now, and so my hope is that a new home for them will find them with someone with more hands.  I am scared of shelters.  I was told that you guys are a no kill shelter.  I guess I am looking for someone to ease my mind

A bit about my dogs.  We are a rescue family.  We don't buy puppies from breeders.  We have always adopted, so your mission is important to us.  Lucy is a male lab/terrier mix who is about 7 years old.  We got him in 2010 from the Cowlitz Humane Society.  In the kennel he was very ferocious looking and barked a lot, but as soon as we got him out for a greet he was super relaxed and has adopted me personally since my husband was not there at the time I picked him up.  I am most worried about putting him into a shelter as he has been there before, and hope that he could be more of a foster down the road.  He is very loyal, stays by you and very sweet. 

Rocco is a male Chihuahua mix about 2 years old.  He is not fixed, and was found sleeping in my driveway last winter.  My husband called you guys and found out that you had been receiving calls from the area for a lot of these little dogs.  I kind of like to think I have been fostering him this whole time. My cat we have had for a long time.  She is probably 10.  Regular tabby I guess.  I adopted her from a box of kittens at a park. I am most concerned about Lucy (that was his name when we got him :)  He is my little guy and I am crying while writing this.  The dog we get to keep we have had for 9 years. We got him from SW, when he was a year old and had been there twice.  He had such severe separation anxiety, but we time has healed that. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snowy and moving

Did you hear the Seahawks won the Super Bowl?  Pretty cool. Tax time is here.  Worked 50 hours this week and prob the same the next, then it will ramp up to 60.  Blah.  Just thinking of of the over time.  Still very pregnant luckily, and tired grumpy and sick.  All good signs.  Finally see the doc on Friday.   It has been snowing like crazy.  Kids are going on their 3rd day off from school.  It is fun, but glad it is melting starting tomorrow.  A miracle landed in our lap a couple of weeks ago.  God is definitely good.  I have been perusing Craigslist to dream about moving out of our house and into something bigger.  Staying here has helped us get bills in order, but it is time to move.  Rentals are hard to find at a decent price especially in washougal in order to be close to the baby while I work and keep the kids in the district.  I ended up finding a super cheaply priced one that is large enough and in the district and after many hoops we were approved.  We got the keys last Friday and are moving this next weekend.  Totally unexpected but appreciated in more ways than one. Our next mission is to put our house up for rent to keepmit as a rental.