Sunday, April 27, 2014

Time with the family

Taxes are over! I have been able to spend some much needed time with the family. What have we done you ask? Last weekend we took a stay cation, and spent a Friday night at The Great Wolf Lodge. So much fun! It is a little spendy, but well worth it. We went for one night and just focused on swimming. I ended up having to buy a pair of swimsuit bottoms at the expensive hotel store since I underestimated my ability to be pregnant and fit into my regular swim suit bottoms. This came to my realization when I was changing in the hotel bathroom while the rest of the family waited patiently outside the door already dressed to go swimming and I took one look at my derriere and I knew it wasn't going to happen. They are a swim short type and it looked like I was trying to squeeze into a pair of shorts 5 sizes too small. Luckily I found a clearance pair of briefs in a rainbow fashion. Only bottoms under $30 in the whole store.

We all had a lot of fun. My husband got to go on all of the big water slides with the two older kids while I held down the fort in the kiddie pool with the 2 year old. He was getting overwhelmed with all of the shooting water. My husband would come back and check in every so often and after about 2 minutes with me would declare that it was boring in the shallow section and grab an older kid and run back to the slides. At one point I wanted to go into the wave pool for a minute so I could have some time to get wet above my ankles, so I told him it was my time and he could watch the kids. Well, I am a bit slower with my large and exposed pregnant belly walking barefoot over a wet slippery surface, so him and the kids beat me there. When I finally arrived I found him in the deep end gloriously jumping in the waves while holding our two year old and hanging with our six year old while my middle son Logan stood on the shore because he is afraid of waves both artificial and real. I swam out and yelled at him to get the heck back to the shore, because it was my time. It was great fun with Caylee and after 5 minutes the waves took a break and it was back to kiddie pool duty. It was actually a good excuse for me to avoid the slides, since I am kind of a chicken. After swimming we devoured dinner at the buffet, listened to story time and enjoyed the night in our wolf den room.

The next day we went to the World's Largest Garage Sale where the kids were able to find a small treasure each, and then stayed the night at a local hotel. The night was spent eating pizza and watching the new Superman. Easter morning we enjoyed a beautiful breakfast at the hotel with french toast, eggs, juice etc, and went for a casual swim before checkout. I prepped the kids Easter baskets and had them waiting in their car seats for the ride home. Then instead of church we went for a walk on a nature trail and looked for signs of spring.

Fast forward to this weekend...I convinced my husband to go to church and then the science museum. It was fun to watch the kids play with the different activities. They have grown so fast and I am so proud of the little people they are becoming. It is crazy to think that we will have another little guy in our family soon. I am excited to meet him and have him be a part of our family. I am 22 weeks this week. I realized the other day that I do not have morning sickness anymore. It is nice, and I am not sad, but it was the last time I will have the experience as I am not having any more babies. I feel him moving as I think about him.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tax Day!!

It is April 6th, a little over a week from tax day and does it show... On my blog anyway. I haven't had much time or motivation to record my life moments. The last couple of months have been filled with working 60-68 hours a week while pregnant crunching taxes, eating, and tucking the kids into bed. I enjoy the extra moolah, but am excited to have my 8-5 back.

The baby inside of me is growing steady, and I am approaching 19 weeks. Hard to believe it is almost half over. The little flutters are getting stronger and a little more frequent. The kids are happy with school and the two older ones have started gymnastics. My little guy is busy being cute as always and spends his days exploring with daddy. My pretty cool husband is starting his third quarter of college tomorrow, and is getting interested in science.

Today after Sunday morning cleaning we went to our local farmers market and bought treasures such as honey, caramel corn, gumbo and flowers. Here is a picture of my lovely bouqet.