Thursday, May 29, 2014

Support Team Kelly against Breast Cancer!

I wanted to take this time to share a Go Fund Me campaign for a lady named Kelly who is fighting breast cancer. She is the daughter of one of my former co-workers, and is a young mother to two children. After a year of chemo and surgery the cancer is spreading, so she is exploring alternative options. Take a moment to learn her story and support an amazing young family! Below is a picture of Kelly, and the message from her friend Jessica on Kelly's GoFund Me account. If you would like to donate please copy and paste the link in your browser.
"Kelly Miller is a bright light in many, many lives. She has been battling breast cancer for several months now and, sadly, she recently learned that the cancer has spread to other parts of her body. Kelly and her husband, Joe, have spent countless hours traveling to and from OHSU for surgeries, chemo treatments, scans, labs, etc. and the costs associated with this add up quickly. Kelly is currently determining what alternative medical treatments and therapies she may want to try and the cost of some of these treatments may not be covered by insurance. I know that Kelly is loved by many and prayers for her are absolutely amazing, but the Miller family could really use some financial support right now. Please donate what you can, as every little bit helps and no donation is too small. Let's all rally around this wonderful woman and her family and show Kelly how loved she truly is. Thank you! {Every penny donated will go directly to Kelly Miller}." ~Jessica Gustafson (friend of Kelly)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend of Sickness and Health

Our Memorial weekend was a mix of fun and relaxing even though the relaxing was not by choice. Friday night after the kids dealt with a horrible bus driver who on the way home from school proceeded to slam on his brakes repeatedly and laughing while the kids flew out of their seats. After a passerby noticed and called the cops the bus was pulled over and a replacement brought in. After over an hour and lots of tears they finally made it home. We decided to take the kids to a movie at the theater to relax. We ended up seeing Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It was super cute. I loved it!

Saturday we went to a birthday party at a huge playplace for my daughter's friend. It is full of kids and tunnels and madness. My husband ran around with all of them while I sat pregnant with the other moms enjoying my double chocolate coffee free frappe. There was about 18 kids in our group.<,p> Sunday Vince had a contractor job and so I spent the day making the kids clean and then we finally made it to the park. That night is when the all hell broke loose. My daughter ended up getting really sick and puking all night. We kept her downstairs so we could keep our eye on her. It is a good thing too, because at one point she started throwing up in her sleep while on her back. I had to hurry and flip her. Then at about 2 am my husband went down. I had drug the boys downstairs too in case they had gotten sick and we were having a big living room sleep in, when I heard Vince super sick. Monday morning I ended up getting it. Luckily my boys never did. Monday was spent with all of us laying around the living room watching endless TV in between naps and nibbling down crackers and Cloroxing the bathroom. It turns out that all of the kids in our group got sick, so we are thinking it is from the playplace.

The kids were okay to go to school today. I decided to stay home from work one more day in order to recover. I also accomplished two big feats today. I registered Logan for kindergarten and started college savings plans for my two oldest kids. It was super easy through the Oregon Savings Plan. I was able to do it all online and set up $70 a month automatic withdrawals to their accounts between the two of them. It is not a lot, but it is a start. Below are some pictures from our park trip.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ronald Reagan We Are Americans

One more too good not to share. We are Americans!!

Soldiers Family Reunion Compilation -Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all of our military who have served and gave their all. Love, The Wilcox's

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Mother's Day Weekend

How was your Mother's Day weekend? I hope it was good. I had a couple of emotional pregnant moments, but other than that pulled through haha. My two older kids had a gymnastics event on Saturday, which we invited my husband's mom and grandma too. It was fun to have them be a part of it. At one point when my little guy was getting tired we were sitting in between a row of chairs with an old couple in front of us. My 2 year old proceeded to take my large hand bag and throw it into the air and catch it over and over. I was afraid he was going to fling it in the wrong direction and knock the lady in the head, so with a banana in one hand and a small cup of water in the other I proceeded to block the bag mid throw with the water cup hand. Well, lets just say I probably didn't think that one out because the back of the lady was sprayed with my cup of water. I was pretty embarrassed and had to remove him to the hall soon after for yelling during the certificate ceremony. Below is a picture of him with his great grandma at lunch. Very cute.
Today we got to talk to my brother who is serving a church mission in Sweden on Skype. He comes home in January, so has a bit to go. We also had my brother and his wife from San Diego on the line. Below is a pic of the moms: me, my mom and my sister.
After my moms the entire house took a nap...fabulous. I was able to wake up while everyone was still sleeping and read my book while eating a chocolate bar. For dinner we took sandwiches to the park, had a fabulous walk and ended it with frozen yogurt. Below are some shots that I took on our walk. The most beautiful flowers for my mother's day were the ones in nature.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day all you ladies out there! I hope that the weekend is one of loved ones, gratefulness and relaxation. I got treated to a spa day at my daughter's first grade class today. They rubbed our shoulders, painted our nails and gave us shortcake and a tissue flower. So cute. It was pretty moving to get into the front door of the school and stand among a sea of moms waiting to be dispersed to their children's classrooms. Walking with these important ladies down the hall to see our babies waiting for us almost made this pregnant lady cry. I was also moved to see the kids eagerly awaiting the arrival of their mothers who were running a little behind. Moms and those in a mom role are truly a blessing to children young and old. Below is a picture of me with two of my babies holding a gift Logan gave me. You can see how excited Caylee is. The other is the pic Caylee took of me in her class.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ant Mountain

Walking down a long treed path - around a corner I came up fast and spotted an intriguing site - a large ant hill to my right. This ant hill is not a minor one, but a mountain of bodies moving in the sun. I take a moment to stand amazed, at the mighty operation in it's tiny ways. Moving here and marching there, underneath, over top and everywhere. It is time to go now and leave them be, as I start to notice them crawling on me, and so I retreat back to my trail - too take in Spring and all it entails. -Heather Wilcox

My Buddy Is 5

My little buddy Logan is 5 today. He turned 5 on the 6th of May. It seems like yesterday when he came into this world, after a day in the hospital to be told that for some reason he is not coming out. We have to prep you for surgery before his energy gives out, and when they delivered him they found a surprise. A little boy of major size. He was my baby weighing 10 - 13, and later when I held him and knew I'd seen someone special that I love more each day. He is growing up into a little man and always tries the best he can. He loves to think and study things out, like when he plays his Legos, draws a picture or is about. On all of the rides at Disneyland, we rode together and I held his hand - to keep him from falling out and getting lost when out and about. He loves his brother and his sister too, unless she hits him with her shoe. Happy Birthday Buddy, your mommy loves you!

Rainy drive

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Make your Life Worth Watching

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching." -Unknown