Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Moms Need a Time Out

My day as a typical mom is packed full of juggling kids and tasks, activities, and home care.  I love my job, but try and carve out time each day among the madness for a me timeout.  I have even started to call it that.  It has taken a while to give myself permission to acknowledge when I feel overwhelmed, exasperated and just plain done.  This could be after taking everyone to library storytime and the grocery store.  It could be after the kids have played outside in the yard for a while.  We live in a moderately busy neighborhood, so it entails me opening all of the doors, putting up the baby gate, containing the dog, and keeping both ears to the outside while going in and out every couple of minutes to see what is going on.  After a couple of hours I have emptied my patience meter.

In order to refill it I bring everyone back inside, turn away the neighborhood friends, shut the doors, give them a snack and send them to the playroom while I take five minutes to read my Bible and devotionals.  Those five minutes may be filled with interruption every 30 seconds as a child comes in asking for their tenth snack of the hour to which I have to tell them that it is almost dinner, but by gosh I need to sit for five.

After that I can open back up the doors, turn on a cartoon, cook dinner, handle arguments whatever.  My meditation usually does involve a cup of tea.  Hot of course.

Here is a picture of my little and I over the past week.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Our Road Trip Pt 3 - Phoenix AZ Super Bowl Pt 2 Seahawks

On Saturday before the big super bowl the Seahawks had a big fan rally hosted by Paul Allen.  It was pretty fun to see all of the support.  There was a line to get in because the baseball stadium was over capacity.

Representing on the bus

Walking down into the party

My husband was one of the many fans who bought super bowl tickets at a reasonable price only to find out the morning of the game that the seller didn't have our tickets.  The plan was that he would go alone and I would stay at a friend's to watch the game with the kids.  He found by a text message at 11:00 as we were checking out of our hotel.  The story is that they would sell them high early on and then wait to buy low right before the game.  This didn't work because when we bought tickets were $2,500 and right before the game they rose to over $10,000.  

He was pretty bummed and kept his cool.  Luckily we had made a trip out of it, which softened the blow.  I can't imagine how others responded hearing stories of flying down just for that and treating dying parents to a last wish.

We ended up racing to Walmart to buy a bunch of snacks and checked into our Travelodge.  We did drive down to Glendale the morning of to see the stadium.  After a quick drive by he just wanted to get out of there.  

Our Road Trip Part 3 - Phoenix AZ PT 1 and Super Bowl Alley - Go Hawks!

So the original idea for our trip was to go to super bowl in Arizona.  I had never been to Arizona before and figured it would be a pretty good excuse for a road trip and to see some football festivities.  I thought of this in December, so when our team the Seahawks ended up making it to the super bowl it became an aligning of the stars!  We were one of many we met down there who had driven from Washington to Arizona for the big weekend.  

Here is a shot of downtown Phoenix just outside of super bowl alley

Here is the fam getting ready to check it out


The boys

 Super Bowl XLIX!

 Inside the NFL Experience standing next to the mannequins

The Seahawks side was packed.  Patriots not so much.  There were so many Seahawk fans in Phoenix!


 More Skittles!

Strong arm

Autograph signing with Shaun Alexander 

 He was a really nice guy and a family man

This was while standing in the line to see him

She's ready!