Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Road Trip Pt 6 - The Grand Canyon

This leg of the trip took us to the Grand Canyon, which fulfilled my ultimate bucket list.  I literally had to make a new list while driving away.

It was a nice clear day with good weather.  We loaded up the kids and I headed out of the suburban to the trail.  The trail is literally along the rim of the canyon with most sections having no railing at all.  Just a sheer drop below past a few rocks.  The areas that did have railings were usually on lookouts and sections that jetted out over nowhere.

I was pretty nervous to take the kids, and even though they were under control I was admiring the view in between sheer parent panic.  My two youngest were in backpacks and my two oldest had to hold an adult's hand at all times.  Right before we left for the next leg of our trip we loaded the kids into the truck, and my husband and I took turns going back to the trail for a few moments of reflection.  The beauty and magnitude brought tears to my eyes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Our Road Trip Pt 5 - Meteor Crater

After the super bowl we headed north towards the Grand Canyon, and took a bucket list stop at the Meteor Crater.  My husband has always wanted to go here, and when we found out it was so close we changed direction for the day.

It was pretty amazing and huge to stand on the edge of this thing.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Our Road Trip Pt 4 - Apache Junction AZ and the Goldfield Mine

Apache Junction was just outside the Phoenix and Mesa area.  We actually tried to camp there at the KOA for the week, but we didn't plan well for that.  We also got stuck in a crazy three day long rainstorm.  Being from Washington we are not afraid of the rain, but this was crazy.  The area does not get a tremendous amount of rain, so there is not a lot of exit points for the water to go.  The campground was soon a running lake of water flowing around with some sites being completely shut down.  We also thought we could sleep in our Suburban, but after the first time mixed with rain we realized that it is far too small for six people.  We had to check out the next night to find a hotel.  After all of our years camping it is literally the first time my husband has agreed to shut down a trip for a hotel.  We always seem to find the rain even in the middle of July.  Aside from the rain and lack of proper shelter the campground was pretty nice.  There was a playground, pool, spa, laundry and a clubhouse.

Here are oranges growing at our hotel.  First time seeing this.
We didn't realize until later in the week that Apache Junction and the nearby Superstition Mountains are a long proclaimed ghost town.  The mountains have been known to hold gold, and many gold seeker over the years have been lost or killed in those mountains trying to find the mother load.

We were able to visit the Goldfield Ghost Town.  It is a recreated mining town attraction built next to an old mining site that was flooded by water.   It is said to be haunted by those who work there.  I have to say that my husband later informed me that while underground he felt sick to his stomach and dizzy.  Possibly a spirit connection?

The town has a lot to see with an underground mining tour, a railroad ride, shops, and a western staged shoot out.  Pretty fun.