Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ready for Thanksgiving

I have a lot to be thankful for. Family, friends, food, shelter and a faithful God.

We don't have a lot, but we don't have a little. The six of us right nowshare one tv and one bathroom. We buy all used clothes and handbags from the thrift shop. I buy our items with coupons and at the discount store. My van is 11 years old and is making weird noises. I am trying to figure out what four gifts or so I Will be able to afford for each kid for Christmas, which includes clothes.

On the flip side I have a loving husband. Four beautiful kids. Money to pay bills and go on family vacations, money to eat out once a week when I tire of cooking, the kids are involved in sports and we are able to donate frequently to charitable organizations.

Thank you God especially for sending your son to die in order to save me.

Memories of the week:
My daughter giving me a detailed account of what she wants for Christmas with columns in order of importance and store locations.

How her hair seems to have grown overnight finally!

How my oldest son spent 30 minutes straight talking to a me about his dinosaur show.

How he is trying so hard at reading and improving.

How though he loves football he also can't stop playing soccer.

My second son loving preschool with his teacher saying how she thinks he has a wild side ...which he does.

How after watching the original Star wars he called Darth Vader Dark Madera.

How I call him my mini Donald Trump.

How while driving the 30 minutes to school I had to coach him in the backseat how to blow a small toy out if his nose.

My youngest boy and how his crazy side and personality is out.

When he gets mad he throws what he has down and walks away and then comes slowly back into the room.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Daily Victories!

So much to be thankful for.  So many little memories to make note of.  For starters, the permit for the commercial marijuana plant was denied.  Hooray!  I am so thankful to God and to all of the neighbors who pulled together to make it happen.  There is a potential appeal process at the Supreme Court level, so we will see what happens if he progresses.

Halloween was a ton of fun.  I was able to meet up with my sister and her little boy to trick or treat at a retirement home.  Then the family spent the evening with friends and their kids eating and waiting for the rain to subside.  This particular day we had a mega storm that actually flooded my kid's gymnastics gym.  We were lucky enough to catch a break at the 7 o'clock hour and went trick or treating.

Sundays spent going to church and then asking my husband to steer the car towards Starbucks for an after church pumpkin latte.  I told him it was a tradition haha.  Then clipping and organizing coupons while the tv is turned to football.

Monday night going to my kid's school carnival, and running into an old friend that I hadn't seen in years.  Watching the kids play games with their dad, and Caylee getting her face painted.  Afterwards while trying to figure out dinner on empty and tired stomachs we drive all around town changing our minds until we end up at an expensive Asian buffet at 8 pm.  To which Logan spends half the time drinking water and then saying his stomach hurt and he needed air, so him and I ran to the van with a barf bag...should have gone to Wendy's.

How on the way home from school I realized that I had lost my special ring my husband made me a couple of years ago and after looking high and low I got home and was muttering while wandering the house.  Logan all of a sudden says mom I made you a new one with a rubber band kit he got.  His recent love of dinosaurs to the point of requesting to watch all of the realistic looking shows and then jumping up and down yelling at the cast while watching.  Him and Caylee being silly in the back seat.

Ian being absolutely adorable and completely stubborn all at the same time.  When he wants something he wants it right now his way, and then after a time out he apologizes.  Him loving preschool and being so calm when he leaves.

Owen being my calm casual child until something doesn't go his way...such as Vince telling me about how when he turned his back Ian took a tea jug he was playing with and he started running after him with arms flailing and running.  Him being my little cuddle guy and drinking lots of whole milk.  Him and Ian becoming buds more and more everyday.

Caylee being my big and little girl all at the same time.  At home she is my go to gal, and at school I realize how little she is.  Watching her at cheer practice being so proud of her.  Trying to take a late night bath in the dark and she kicks the boys out and brings a flashlight and says It's just you and me momma.

Me standing in the closed bathroom reading a post about the value of moms to have the door open and all four of my beautiful children come walking in with big eyes looking for their toothbrushes.

To be soaking in the bath as my husband puts the kids to bed and two kids and the dog have their noses in the shower curtain asking me questions.

Thank you God for all I have and all I don't have.