Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Moving, Diamonds and the Flu

A lot has gone on in the last couple of weeks. We added and changed the kid's school schedule.  One of the short lived classes involved a teacher that punished students by making them stick their fingers in their ear and then put it in their mouth.  Needless to say, that class didn't last long.  The last day I had to bribe her to go in by giving her $5.  On the way home she then spent the $5 at Subway to order a sandwich while I was in the car waiting for her to only be using the bathroom.  After not seeing her come out of the entrance I went in to find her at the counter barely able to look over ordering a honey oat toasted black forest ham.  That night we all had Subway for dinner.

We also moved houses.  Our current one had served us as a rental for a couple of years, but our lives had moved west bound, and we needed more than one bathroom between 6 people.  The Uhaul was ordered last weekend, but there is still a lot of cleaning and maintenance to do over the next couple of weeks when we turn in the keys.  I love the new place a lot.  It has a nice, big and fenced backyard and a garage for Vince.  Now if only I could bring myself to unpack.

My daughter has had a busy couple of weeks with a cheer showcase, and getting ready for competitions.  Her first one is this weekend.  She also made the decision to be baptized last Sunday.  She was so confident and read her testimony over the microphone so proudly.  We even had my parents and sister there.

Over the weekend I noticed that my diamond had fallen out of my wedding ring.  I have been really bad with it over the last 10 years, and have never taken it off or gotten it serviced.  It was totally my fault.  So, Saturday it final happened and I looked at y hand and it was gone.  It was like a bad dream.  I tucked the band away and tried to forget about it.  Last night my husband happens to look down at the carpet and sees it right there on the floor.  Oh thank goodness!  We put it away until I can properly get it fixed.

The flu...we have not had it thankfully, but it is going around town and I am nervous.  We have been taking vitamins and working on sleep.  If we get it, then we will figure it out, but oh man..I am hoping we can keep it away.