Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Memories

Logan and waking up after losing an tooth and not seeing money  then finding his dollar after the tooth fairy magically appeared
Ian Caylees birthday continued with ice skating with dad. Nails with mom. A sushi dinner and bonfire camp out. Trying to find special time during the day with each kid. Helping Owen to talk. Ian to count and identify letters. Logan to continue reading and writing. Caylee with subtraction and multiplication.

 Wanting to give up and get a day job as the kids are crazy. Butting heads. Talking about body parts. Running off with snacks. Calling each other jerks and butt heads etc. the family taking the day to drive to Seattle and Logan going to a football camp with earl Thomas from the Seahawks. Caylee having a private cheer lesson. The kids reading each other books at bedtime. Trying to start a family bible and prayer time. Love them coming home from preschool camp wearing his solar system hat and proud of it. Him watching back to the future and saying yeah! When the dad clenches his fist and punches the bad guy. Caylees ninth birthday with her four girlfriends. Them making chap stick and bracelets and cracking themselves up with trying in Cheer clothes and performing stunts. Owen hanging with the girls all night eating candy and getting pushed in the swings. Getting tired and making funny faces.

Today was spent at church and then at caylees friends bbq birthday. An old man trying to break into our car. Then off to a cheer hangout in Damascus. Caylee wanted to stay the night with four other girls but I had her come home. She fought it but was super tired and is now sleeping away. Loving these moments with them at home under one roof and we can keep watch. Ian saying good night mom. I love you. See you in the morning. Logan super excited because he learned how to snap. Owen being his cute self and reading books with me while hanging with the big kids. The kids and I finding painted rocks around town and painting some to hide tomorrow.