Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Late Summer Antics

Just sharing a bit of my day as I sit here at gymnastics.

I am now using my Fran drescher voice instead of yelling. Mid deep clean of the house in preparation for school and kids are bugging me. At gymnastics now. I also used a valley girl voice on the way out of the house. I want all moms to think I am crazy lol.

 I just added you are doing a good job and you are special to me at the end of a valley girl scold. This should be in a show.

Then my husband and I won local cruise tickets to the 1 am 80s cruise at the fair so I call today to change to a dinner sightseeing instead and the guy says oh it sounds like you have a little one and as I m chasing them in the street I say I have four and he says oh you are a better person than I to which I reply I really don't think so. Then I end the call and spank all of their butts in the driveway for not asking to ride bikes in the street without a helmet and almost making it to the end road while trying to get away from me.  Good times.

Goosfraba. Lol

I felt it only fair to offer a morning after update. Each day is filled with crazy moments. Times that can be hard to focus through the noise and pressure. Yesterday in the afternoon I decided to really make an effort to say the kids were special to me repeatedly throughout the day even when they were being frustrated. Once I stopped what I was doing and turned to ask them how their day was randomly to be met with skeptical faces and weird looks. My two olders said who is this mom?  You sound like you want something. As funny as that was and though crazy moments still popped up I found myself more receptive to being able to listen. When I am usually frustrated and exhausted I had just enough energy to pry further into that story they told. Both kids last nightly different times opened up to me and shared deep frustrations they had about moments with their peers that day. Feelings of inadequacy at times when coaches thought they were trying hard enough.

I was so tired putting my son to bed and hadn't eaten dinner, but decided to answer his bedtime questions to find us having an in depth Q and A of questions I didn't even know he had. Moments on the field that night he had experienced but stuffed up. I was able to offer encouragement to help them rise to the occasion. Offer suggestion for prayer with God border praise for the hard work they are doing and for the future person they are turning into. All that would have been missed otherwise.

My son who is typically not too emotional has been accepting and giving me huge hugs at random. He even gave me a neck massage "for a dollar". My daughter took her mini bible to her brothers football practice because she said there was a girl there who doesn't know God and doesn't go to church and was open to hearing about it. My adult mind had me skeptical thinking about her parents and their beliefs. Then I look over while chasing my 1 yr old to find her huddled beside the field with her bible open sharing the word with this girl.

My own husband lately has been saying what about me?  Why don't you worry about me getting too hot at work and if I have sunscreen. I told him I figured you were an adult but really it is a reminder that everyone needs loves and encouragement no matter how young or old.

I pray for God to bless me with the strength, words and action to be able to execute this every day.