Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sports and more sports.

15 more minutes of my little guys football practice and I am free for the night. He loves it. Comes off for water breaks sharing about being bullied by a player one minute and then grinning from ear to ear the next. I told him to leave it all on the field.

His dad takes him tomorrow as I go to cheer and then again two more times this week. Sun is pretty much gone now and the boys are a faint shape on the dimly field.

Debating on stopping for ice cream. Thinking about going to the store to pick up some items for dinner, but don't want to load in and out of the car a bunch more today.

House got half cleaned today amongst going to electives classes for the kids, homework and gymnastics for my second boy. My husband and I joked that we would just hang out in that half
Of the house. Excited to spend most of the day tomorrow near home.

Got to host auntie camp with my little nephew last Sunday. His poor mom needed a break and we have lots of boys, dirt and trucks to keep him busy. My youngest is getting a burst of independence after turning two. Want to walk alone without a stroller. Insists really. Quickly losing control haha. My daughter is busy navigating cleaning her room, homework, friends and sports. And my second won't take off a snow suit he dig out of the closet

Life is good

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Back With Friends

The week has been filled with meeting the kids new teachers and getting orientationed for school. My five year old got to meet his new Pre K teachers and check out his classroom. He is sad that he changed schools, but is excited and should adjust well. He was so busy playing with the kitchen toys that he barely had time to talk to them.

My fourth and second grader got to go to orientation and were so excited to see all of their best friends and meet new ones. My daughter is part of a three musketeers and they were together again today. Arm in arm they walked into the building together.

My 2nd grader made a new friend and played Legos to pass the time which you wouldn't see everywhere. I am so greatful for their schools and teachers and am excited for the year.

Tonight after football the kids got home and my 5 yr old made brownies with me. My daughter taught my other boys how to do somersaults and cartwheels.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The end of summer

Today marked the end of summer with a day full of chores and back to homeschool work. We are excited for school though it is only a couple days a week and requires mom to be on campus a lot of times. My kids are all excited. I will have one in Pre K, 2nd and 4th. It's crazy that I pulled my oldest out of mainstream not that long ago when she was in 2nd.

Last weekend we got to spend time at the beach for the night and with my brother and his family. It was a lot of fun seeing the boys fly kites and swim with their grandpa and my daughter spend time with her only niece. We had to make a stop at the candy shop and a prehistoric fossil shop.

After the beach we boogied home to watch our son play football. He played against his best friend but won. It was fun to see them together. We ended the weekend with a couple nights at a mountain cabin. We literally spend a whole day not driving and staying in our pajamas while sitting by the fireplace. It was a glorious day of naps, toys, reading and dips in the hot tub.

Here is to a great school year and life of love and blessings ahead.