Saturday, October 29, 2016

Enjoying every season

Being a mother is hard but awesome!  This week we have had our fair shares of timeouts, name calling and temper tantrums. My middle boys new insults are calling people naked and poopy butt face has been thrown around by everyone but the youngest. Lots of redirecting, threatening, bribery, apologizing and cups of coffee which I have found 35 yrs late. It has replaced my tea and so tea could be considered my gateway drug.

Aside from that there is a lot of awesome times. My oldest boy is having his championship football game tomorrow going in undefeated. Pretty exciting!  Last week my husband had to work after his game so I took the kids to the pumpkin patch alone. They kids did good and Caylee found a giant pumpkin as they were out of smalls. Instead of helping her roll it to the wheel barrow (the patch was a mud bog) I decided to pull out my phone and take video of the shenanigans. People getting stuck in the quicksand mud, losing shoes etc. my were by far the muddiest kids there. And then the pumpkin was too bit to buy at $20.

Caylee has been working hard in cheer 7 hrs a week. Getting ready for competition season. We are working in keeping her directed with homework. Ian has had a new nightmare season and insists on sleeping with his big brother. Logan cheerfully invites him night after night to sleep in his bunk even when his little bro has a sleep potty accident. Today when Ian was in time out the little brother found pillows and stuffed animals and tossed it towards him. Such empathy for each other.

They did good today tallying up their bank deposits and filling out their slips for the teller and then after exploring the Halloween trail in Oregon city.

Loving it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Harvest Air

i can't believe it is almost Halloween. This month has seriously snuck up on me. I grew some pumpkins this year, the boys made it to a patch with their classes but I still need to get my daughter to one so she can have the memory.

My days have been filled cheer, football and school. Caylee's competition season is about to start as Logan's is ending and he is going into playoffs undefeated. School is busy getting into a flow for homework and schedules. I am learning that my daughter has a different personality and learning style than I do which is proving challenging especially as she is pushing the envelope and getting more of an opinion.

My sister has faced a daycare snafu with her three year old so my mom and I have been taking turns watching him. She told me that he thinks all girls are cute and wants to go to aunties because I am cute and calls my boys his bros. awesome!

After watching Ghostbusters this week Ian had a nightmare and has been sleeping with big brother even if he owes in the bed. What a guy.

Caylee is making friends wherever she is at. She is a little social bug and is constantly hugging and asking how people are. It is a fight to keep her room clean and she is navigating cheer and the dynamics of her new team.

Logan is logical and at the pumpkin patch shoved a large pumpkin in a small bag and said it was legit because it fit in the bag.

Ian yesterday while I was rounding kids up for school randomly asked if I liked being a parent.

Owen is still not talking but using lots of sounds.