Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tears of love and sadness

just trying to joy my memories down before I forget another day. Honestly I can't believe it is almost thanksgiving next week. I volunteered to host the dinner and better get a turkey soon.

My grandpa died yesterday morning. He was 89 and outlived my grandma by four years. It is my dads father and he has been handling his feelings pretty privately. I feel guilty that I didn't go down and see him in the last four years. Life gets busy with the kids and us being 12 hrs away. He got dementia and had a stroke in the end. My parents are going down to his funeral this weekend. My sis and I want to go but won't be able too. My brother Clint got to spend a lot of time with him and say goodbye as he goes to college fairly close.

My daughter has spent the last six months at a new cheer gym and has had her share of blood sweat and tears. Lots of hard work and just got her uniform, bow and backpack for the year. Such a proud little girl and I must say she has worked hard for it. Lots of sparkle this year and she can't get enough.   We cut her hair short for her headband bow.

Logan just got done with football and started wrestling. He is doing awesome with reading and math in school but I did just have to deal with a mom who said he put his hands on her kids throat. And another one. The other mom had no idea what she was talking about and neither did logan. I asked her to next time talk to me since she talks to me every school day in general. Was disappointed in my son being called a choker around school.

Ian actually pooped in the toilet without being asked. This kid is 5 yrs old and is waiting for kindergarten. Let me just say i am praying to the toilet gods that this sticks. Don't ask.

Owen is cute but getting feisty as heck. Dr jeckyll and me Hyde. One minute hugging you and the next minute slapping you. At least he has waned from spitting. He always throws away his garbage when done but also likes the cause and effect of throwing cups of liquid and spilling Leto buckets.