Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holidays and a Reset

foret off we had a great Thanksgiving. I got the privilege of hosting dinner at our home with our family and my parents, sister and brother Clint along with our good friend Eileen. There was lots of good food and conversation. THis came the week after a really hard time
For my dad and the funeral of my grandpa. It was nice to see him smile again after a long week. The next day we all loaded up in the cars and drove over to Lincoln a city to spend the night exploring the beach. We did some Black Friday shopping, ate pizza, swam and saw the ocean. It was fun to see my dad help teach my boys to swim.

Life has been busy with school, cheer and life. Ian invited my mom to grands day at his preschool this week and they made necklaces. He was so excited to have her. Caylee has her first cheer competition this weekend. Logan has been busy taking a break from wrestling and Owen is actually starting to say some words like uh oh. And oh no. Along with other surprises.

I think my biggest stress is the fact that it's not only the Christmas shopping season but we have decided to move out at the end of our lease to a trailer in our property. We officially gave our notice. I have finished most of the shopping which is nice. On top of that is the site prep expenses for getting electric and water hooked up plus the general moving costs. This would technically make the second time in 12 months we have moved plus having to renovate our
Other small
House when the tenants moved out. Let's just say I will be excited to be done so we can semi hunker down and start working our way back up. Have to pay for presents, everyday life plus electric lines is putting me in a funk.

I need to re evaluate my approach as my cooking has slipped. My zest for the kids and my path with them and homeschooling has slipped. Feeling overwhelmed. And guilty about money with no end in sight.

I am going to work on using my crockpot and only saying uplifting things to everyone instead of wandering Walmart in a daze and being focused on everything but the moment. Not appreciating what I do have with homeschooling and instead thinking of an easy way out. It is hard. I am
Human. Tonight I will cook but tomorrow it's Safeway pizzas.

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