Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snow days!

Two snow days this week. Monday I sat the kids down to start their homeschool work and the snow started. All ideas of work and accomplishment flew out the window as the kids suited up in coats and mix matched gloves and socks and ran outside. It didn't last long or stick but the kids got some good time and then came in and had one of their best homeschool days in a while.

Today there was a lot of snow to the fact that most of the area shut down in preparation. Our back door was open and shut all day long with kids going out to play and coming in to warm up and then going out again. The house became messy with the kids playing make believe together everywhere. Pretending to be their favorite show Odd Squad. As vince and I sat and read and relaxed. I love their imagination.

Owen eating his first legitimate vegetables. Carrots with ranch. Him saying no and shaking his head in response to questions. Logan relentlessly asking if I am open and throwing the football back and forth in the living room. Ian constantly telling me how pretty I am and how I don't look old but look beautiful and I tell him he looks handsome. Caylee asking for hug after hug throughout the day especially at bedtime.

I love my life.

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