Saturday, March 18, 2017

Walking by faith

It's 2017!  I have to say that these last three months have been incredible, scary, and amazing alll in one. We decided to take the plunge into a giant pool of faith towards our destiny and give it all to God. He has met us at every turn.

After being turned down for a construction loan in September for a home on our property we captured the vision of having a home on the dirt and gave our notice to the landlord that we were moving. Along the way a brand new travel trailer with all the features I have always dyalked about fell into our laps. We are now living as a family of six in a 2016 Shadowcruiser with the four kids in the back quad bunk room.

All winter long we chiseled away while it snowed at preparing the lot for living. We dug trenches for power amidst icy cold water pouring in and mud flow., and frozen mud. We hand spread a dump truck amount of gravel with just Vince and I and Logan helping with just a wheelbarrow and shovels while the snow started to fall and our littles in the van with the heat in, snacks and movies in my cell phone.  When that power Box was installed I can't tell you how happy I was to see power.

Moving out here, putting everything in storage without an end game and only on a feeling of divination is surreal. People nwouldnask who our lender was, the builder, our home olannnwe would tell them we had no idea at that time. That it would work outnwe knew it. God had it.

I tell you what. Three days after finalizing the rental and living there I called down the list of bankers for the heck of it. It was dead of winter and we were barely recovering from the move. I wanted to get an idea for the future. I sent out an email to a friend lender whom I found out it never sent as a simultaneously called down the list affiliated with a particular builder. They all were out of office. I left voicemails. Out of 7 calls one called me back.

She preceded to go through the questions. I hesitantly answered waiting for the balk to drop. It never did. In fact she kept asking for more information. Pretty soon we were meeting with the builder to pick a home and get an appraisal. Septic design problems were getting resolved hours before loan decisions were being made. Inspectors were handing us lending signs to post at the end of the driveway. Favors were being offered to help dig out final details with trenching. Money would come in minutes after receiving another large preparation bill. I found out our taxes were coming that week just minutes after we received a knee blowing bill. Taxes that would also pay for the fees needed to the builder, the appraisal. All of this while trying to pay bills and succeeding during ice storms. One day in prayer I called to God that I would trust him. Not lose hope. Then minutes after when I gave the gas attendant a $10 he accidentally filled the tank to $19. Talk about A moment where God steps in saying uncover all. Not on your glory but thine.

I sit here six weeks. Literally six weeks after we moved into the trailer with no idea how this would end. No plan just a dream and an inspiration. I tell you that we received the final approval from the bank. We are signing initial docs and meeting with the builder this week to finalize. I can't even begin to tell you. God has been so faithful to us and has shown himself through all
Of this it is humbling. Humbling nthst he cares about us at all let alone to take us by the hand and lead us down this path.

I am so very grateful for Him and His love. Grateful for His mercy that I do.l not deserve. I wish to never forget this journey.m, and use it to glorify Him always.