Monday, May 22, 2017

No more rain

I wanted to capture some memories in fragmented snippets so as not to forget them. It has been too long. Here is what has happened in the last couple of months.

-Thankful to a God that the construction loan for building our house came through. The land is paid off and we are currently excavating.
-Our road trip to California for cheer. Leaving after Tuesday practice to start off and our times in the beach house, by the pool and at Downtown Disney watching Beauty and the Beast together. The boys going to San Diego. Then ending in Universal Studios with an all night drive home. 16 hrs straight. Vans driving down the road with broken and open doors, Vince counting jack rabbits to stay away. Me taking the wheel at daybreak as we crossed into Oregon.
-Ian starting tball and being the one on the first day with absolutely no gear and soccer clothes. Him growing to love it and hit a solid pitch without the stand at least once per game. Realizing that he would be playing every year and logan too.
-Logans 8th birthday spent opening whoopie cushions, shark playing cards and remote controlled helicopters. Lunch at McDonald's after his brothers tball game. Then an afternoon at abricks and Minifigs to pick out Lego sets. Us deciding to get a hotel for the night to take proper baths. Him spending the day setting up his lego set. Ending with Guardians of the agalaxy on the. If screen screen.
-logan loving to draw and doodle in his notebooks. Spending lots of
Time in his bunk building legos.
-Miss Caylee growing into a beautiful young lady full of opinion and intelligence. Her starting another year at her cheer gym. She told me yesterday that during practice there was a moment where she got stuck in a group of gossiping. She quickly remembered sermons we listen to from Joel Osteen about not joining in and tried to change the subject. Later the girls got called about by the person they had been discussing. Caylee frantically confirmed to her that she hadn't participated to which the girl said she knew. Caylee was so relieved. I was so proud of her. Yay Caylee!!
-Owen is just starting to talk, babble and mimic sounds at almost three. I think I can breathe finally. After not making a speech appointment and being worried for a while he is on the up swing. He actually for the first time came into my room last.m night and I said hi and he gave me back a resounding hi!  I was floored and every time he says new words I have to stop and give him a big hug. He has been a silent participant and is finally getting his voice. He used to cry and point but now is using some sounds and words. Toddler steps lol. He also at bedtime will leave his siblings and walk to our room. All of a sudden I will hear the door slide over and leave just enough of a space for his face to stick through with a big old smile and then say hi. So cute!