Friday, April 27, 2018

A Year of Blessing

A year has gone by and holy moly so much has happened. After a good part of the year in the trailer with the home build we actually finished our house and moved in the week after Thanksgiving. The house Ian beautiful and perfect. A definite answer to prayers. It took many dump truck loads of gravel shoveling, driveway rebuilding, painting, equipment rentals, contractor monitoring, dump truck and ports potty coordinating work. After we got moved in and emptied out our storage unit we literally spent a few months not doing much. We had sod ordered and we planted it in the winter, hired a women led hydroseed company for the rest, planted trees and are now seeing it all come together and grow beautifully. The loan worked out amazingly with a qualify for a 15 year mortgage. The kids are settled in their rooms and loving the extra space. The kids started a new school and are almost done with the year. Ian in kinder, Logan in 3rd and Caylee in 5th. I can’t beli ow fast time has flown by. God is good!