Tuesday, May 29, 2018

End of May

Summer is fast approaching. Ian has nine more days of kindergarten left. The other two have 12. I can’t beli it. Ian went from not knowing his letters at the beginning of the year to being able to read starter books. He is busy setting up play dates with friends and constantly having moms approach me for phone numbers. Right now his friends are Jesse and Emmaeus. He is finishing soccer this week for spring.

Logan is busy setting up hang outs with his friend Reid and wants to go back to his cousin Karters house to play video games. Their aunt watched them the other weekend so we could have a date night. Our first overnight in ten years. The boys played video games most of the time which is special since we don’t have any at home. He will not stop drawing comics and reading books like Captain Underpants and Dog Man.

Caylee just tried out and made the cheer team. She is going to take one hip hop class next year and cheer. Her friends are Claire, Keelie, McKenna, Hope. Her grades right now are a bit low so she is working hard to get them up before the end of the year.

Owen is busy getting old and potty training to get ready for preschool next year. He is a little character.

We had our nephew Jay over for the weekend on Memorial Weekend. I took the kids to the park and Vince took him and the two older fishing. Then we had a campfire. We drive up to A ghost town nearby in search of future property and decided it was a no after learning about the old big business man in the area dying in the titanic and a cemetery being burned. On the way home logan got really car sick and Vince’s throat started to get sore.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

May so far

The kids are getting so old and school for the year is almost finished. Ian will be done with kindergarten. His class is planning a school party at a play place and I need to order his graduation packet. For his 7th birthday he has told me he wants a tablet, remote control airplane and some overalls. His class put in a Mother’s Day celebration for me and the moms. They made muffins and sang us songs and grew flowers. He was so proud. He is in soccer right now with his old coach. His coach loves him and said he never gives up and is a tank.

Owen went to the doctor today. He is three years old and weighed 33 pounds and is 3’3”. He was so shy and stand offish. I was sad he had to do a shot. After he got one he was crying hurt me! It hurt me!  So sad for me. He had to be convinced to get a sticker. He is my little buddy and will start preschool in the mornings next year.

Logan has been busy with third grade. He has a group of guys that he hangs with called the bro bros. They play games and run around. He has also started getting interested in making comics. He will spend hours sitting at the table with papers strewn out drawing and writing his latest story. For his last book order he convinced me to order him 15 books. He carries as many as he can everywhere. He also plays soccer. He tried out this week for the year round soccer team, but didn’t make it. I think thevoaches had worked together beforehand to set up the roster. He was bummed but excited to have some time this summer for fun and camping.

Caylee is in her last official year of elementary. She will be in 6th grade. She quit cheer mid year and switched to dance, but now is getting ready to go back with a new cheer gym. She has been navigating the year with a bully named Kayleigh and finding lots of new girlfriends.