Monday, October 8, 2018

Last 90 days

It’s the last 90 days of the year and I am ending it with a challenge to myself along with the Hollis company. How easy is it for us to not focus on ourselves, but it’s super easy for us to build up those around us?  My journey with God and my taking a leap life of faith has led our family to great victories in business and real estate. I am ever so grateful for that!  I did realize though that when I was challenged to set goals for myself I couldn’t think of what they would be. I have been focusing most of my life and day on supporting my kids and husband that I haven’t carved out intentional time for myself. What does the ultimate Heather look like?  If I had an amazing day of success in my mind what would that look like?  Who do I want to be in five years?  The truth is that most businesses take a good 5 years before they are successful and moving forward. Those first years are a time of incline and climbing to sort out the details, work out the kinks, etc.  with our roofing company we had many years where the approach of winter was a famine season. We would squirrel away our financial nuts away for the winter hoping that it would last, while I took on a winter career to buffer. I think the turning point for us was when I turned my life over to God one day when hitting a low and said I can’t do it myself anymore. There were so many grace moments for us even before then, but it was a shift in my mental focus that changed the direction.

The last 90 days for me on a daily basis is getting up at 530 to do a 30 minute workout before the kids get up. Drinking 5 glasses of water, drinking my smoothie of antioxidants, having my prayer and scripture time before I leave the house, listening to a motivational speech and/or reading a chapter in a motivational book, taking my vitamins.m, trying something new creatively. These behaviors will lead to habits, which will lead to a mindset. When I am the best version of myself it causes those around me to benefit as well.

As for this weekend it was was jam packed fun mixed with some down time. We had two soccer games for the boys, followed by a birthday party for our nephew who turned 1 and then a Halloween parade. Yesterday our family had us over for a dinner and we got to visit with food family and friends.

I am sad when the kids go back to school on Monday, but happy for their routines and that they were able to get up healthy and conquer the day.

Here’s to the week!!