Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Almost Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow I can’t believe it. Life has been fun and busy. The boys just finished their last season soccer games last weekend, so the weeknight practices are less. I’ll take it. Ian’s team ended strong and his coach wants to go select next year. Logan is with Lisa and is loving select. He start cup this weekend. His old coach Morgan approached me Saturday fishing for Logan to come back next spring when he starts a team. I know Logan is loving it with Lisa. I also know it will be hard to juggle three full time kids in three different cities. 

Last Saturday caylee also had her first cheer showcase with her new gym. They did good and the stunts are going well. The lucky girl was able to help host a school social on Friday night and when I went to pick her up I found out she was invited to the after party for honor society. Then she went even longer I found and stayed for the young life hour. I am proud of her tenacity and mixing with good groups. Saturday after her showcase and trunk or treat she went to a all team birthday party where the mom rented a 14 passenger van and drove them all to dinner and the the corn maze. Then a sleepover. That girl got home on Sunday about lunch and slept straight through to school the next day. 

Last night was mcteacher night at McDonald’s. I was going to have Vince go through the drove through but the boys insisted that we go inside. Logan said it’s his last year there. Darn kiddo is right. I am glad we went in. He was surrounded by his best buds. It was good to see him doing well and having friends. 

Mr Owen is getting big and tall. He was up last night crying by me of growing pains in his feet. I remember caylee used to get those really bad in her legs. The poor guy couldn’t catch a break. Finally he fell asleep by me. We get to hang out on mondays when caylee has cheer. He goes to tumbling for a bit. After we went to the store to buy fake pumpkins. While walking back to the van a truck was turning wide near me. I did move and kept walking. Owen. Spent a good two minutes after explaining how mean that was for me not to move over and then in the van started hollering mean lady right here!!  He is not easy to fool that kiddo. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Fall Day Sunshine

Hello it’s a Thursday and for the last few days we have been blessed with some sunshine. I love it!  The rain is amazing, but it can get a bit much. 

Our week so far, the boys have their last Thursday soccer practice tonight for the season. Ian’s coach cancelled Tuesday because he threw his back out. It is a horrible situation, but we were excited to have nothing to do that night. 

Yesterday I go outside to find Ian and Owen because I had to get going to cheer and lo and behold they were up at near the top of the tallest tree. My five year old too!  I couldn’t believe my eyes and had to holler for them to come down while trying not to have a heart attack. Luckily they both made it down together safely, but holey moley that was too crazy. 

Caylee has the bad cold this week. She went home from practice early on Monday and missed school yesterday. Her class is hosting the school social tomorrow. She is a busy young lady who is always trying her best, but she does need to work on cleaning her room and doing a few catch up assignments. Never a dull moment. 

Logan is having fun playing soccer at recess and on his team. I am happy he gets to have those experiences with his friends and teammates to work hard and improve. 

Vince is working like crazy and making bills. I am working with the goats. Today I had them staked at different sections in order to try and get them out eating. They eat so dang much it’s hard to keep up!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

sick season

It has been a short summer this year and a quick approaching fall. With that being the case kids and parents were finding themselves getting sick at the start of school. Logan has a bad sore throat and head cold. He is still dealing with residual a bit. This stuff is taking over a week to kick. 

After the family half getting it I finally must have wore myself ragged because it is upon me. Can I say man cold?  How about mom cold?  I am not usually this sick so I am dying and coughing. My scalp for some weird reason feels like it’s on fire which doesn’t make sense and I have been pounding Starbucks medicine ball teas for the last two days. 

I knew I was bad when I was leaving preschool and saw a homeless person yesterday all tucked in a million blankets on the side of the grass with the nice 60 degree sunshine on his face. I thought oh that looks cozy. I wish I could take a nap. Horrible I know. 

As parents we have to keep chugging along. Like driving my daughter to cheer for 75 miles one way chugging and then once I parked I fell in to a deep sleep in the second row of the van. It was the drooling kind of sleep. 

It’s funny how when your kiddos are sick you are on point with encouraging words, sage skills of topical oil applications, regular doses of rich and purple elderberry and drawn baths. 

When I am sick I barely want to move and just shuffle around in my baggy jeans and big sweater momentarily coming to life when an audience of someone outside our home is around. 

Last night I fulfilled the mission of sports practice driving and got home late to find my husband snuggled and asleep on the couch with Ian. I shut off the lights and got in bed with dreams of fresh water and essential oils being put into the diffuser by my bed. I passed out instead and woke an hour later to my husband staggering in surprised the house was dark and the he had fallen asleep mid moment. I muttered something about diffuser!  Oils! Please!  Help!  To which he said what?  It’s right by you and rolled over back to sleep. 

I’ll get through this. Life will go on. Tonight is a round robin of Caylee’s parent teacher conferences. I get to try and look “normal” and cheery for about an hour before I can slump into my evening of frozen pizza and a book. 

On a side note... Vince added to the Halloween collection of spooky hanging ghost decorations to another level. He said I have no room to talk since I got one last month on the insistence of my five year old who insists it’s his baby and totes it around. Prayers for us all would be appreciated. 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Busy Weekend

Phew!  It is Sunday night and I am ending it in bed after taking a hot bath while my husband and kids watch the Seahawks game. We had a crazy busy weekend and to top it off I feel like I am fighting a cold. 

Friday the kiddos had the day off from school so we spent it cleaning and getting their homework done. Boring right?  I didn’t want to get stuck with it today. My parents took us all and my nephew to the new Adams Family movie. It was fun to see my parents being the best grandparents and loving our kiddos. 

Saturday I convinced my husband to take the weekend off after working at least 14 days straight. We were able to all go and watch our two boys soccer games, followed by some donuts at Voodoo and then his friend’s kiddos birthday party. I get a bit overwhelmed with crowds and most were Phillipino, so I couldn’t even speak the language. The kids had a blast and the wife prepared amazing food!  

Today we spent the day heading to the beach to put away the rv into storage for the winter and peruse an antique shop. The kids did good but they got tired of me saying, “that’s breakable be careful.”  I was also mean because I wouldn’t let them get anything. 

Grateful and blessed I am. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

a whirlwind year

Life has been good and busy this last year. I am happy to say that the house is up and has been an amazing blessing for our family. Our kiddos are settled in to their schools and sports. The work was with it. 

Our oldest is now in 7th grade. She is in cheer still for the sixth year, honor society and college preparatory class. She is a smart and quick witted kiddo who has a good head on her shoulders. Her dreams are to join the Air Force and become a pilot. 

Our oldest boy is in his fifth grade year. His last year of elementary. How is that possible?  He is busy playing soccer at school and with his year round team. He also is a good big brother and wants to be a comic book artist. 

Our second son is in the second grade now. He is busy with soccer and always a big helper with outside projects. He is feisty but always willing to give big hugs. He wants to join the military. 

Our youngest is five and in his second year of preschool. His is our analytical guy who pays attention to detail. He is a good friend to his classmates and a good little bro. He said his favorite color is gray and he wants to be a doctor.