Tuesday, December 31, 2019

end of 2019

Here it is. New Years Eve. We are about to come into an epic decade. 2020. How cool is that?  A whole new decade with numbers to match?  I am pretty happy with my 2019. I am blessed with family and love. We have money to pay our bills and live a good life. No complaints. We have also been a family who in the past few years has taken on big things. Built houses with God’s help from the dirt up. Moved into rentals while we rented out our own. That is why this year has been so nice to have not dealt with that. Just to recuperate and relish. 
This whole winter break has been a time for family and no crazy schedules. We were able to spend some of it in the woods and then I broke down and splurged on a beautiful little bungalow for a few days at the beach. It’s a beach a bit further from home. One that we don’t normally go to. 

We came in late last night after dark and got settled in. Shut the blinds so the outside couldn’t see in. The beds were comfy. I dreamed how amazing it would be to own something like this. What a dream. At 8 am sharp I woke on New Years Eve day to the sound of saws and hammers. What the heck was that I thought?  The garbage man going by clanking the cans as he passed?  It wouldn’t let up. Then I realized the house was smack next to a giant new construction a lot away. Oh no!  At least they followed the noise code and waited til 8 am. Didn’t they know people wanted to sleep in and enjoy the solitude and then take a leisurely stroll to the ocean?  I began to holler to them in my closed room at a volume they wouldn’t have a chance of hearing while I peered through a blink to take a squint outside. Who in the heck does this on the eve of a new year?  I couldn’t see anyone and gave up and laid back down after grabbing my phone. I felt a little lazy opening up Facebook when these guys next to us were clearly seizing the day. 

That’s when I saw it. Right in my memories three years ago on this day was a post and pictures of us installing the gravel driveway in our current home by hand. No house. No utilities. Just bare glicky and gloppy mud, cold hands, a shovel and some gravel. 

We had no way of knowing back then that it would actually pan out. Where that hard work and crazy faith would take us. The house that would be built and the opportunities it would make. It was then that I had to laugh because I knew our beach rental was no coincidence. How fitting that similar to that time three years ago when I had been content settling into our house rental for a few years to rest and enjoy God had other plans. What did He do?  He shook things up. This caused us to have the tenacity and faith to put in the hard work. It jumped us ahead five steps today. 

God has a sense of humor. I know that from my moments with Him. He of course knew that on the eve of this new year. This new decade I would need to be put in a place that encompasses my ideal tranquility and then shake up that view with the sound of my past and my future colliding in unison. 

The sound of the waves is a place of peace to me. It is also very humbling. It’s magnitude. It’s depth. Only God allows me to be able to sit beside it in safety and admire its majesty while He holds back the waves. Only God gives me what I want while showing me what I need at the same time. 

The house this New Years is a gift to take me into the next step. The art of being able to sit with the sound of waves and hammers surrounding me. The waves are my sense of gratitude to Him and the beauty He provides. The hammer the sense of His plan not being done for my life. It’s time to move and continue stepping into His opportunities. Ones that I can’t know for sure the outcome, but if I don’t then I’ll never know. I’ll be settling for staying in someone else’s beach house when I could be living in my own.