Thursday, January 2, 2020

2020 Here We are!

What a couple of weeks it has been. My life with the kids and husband is very busy. During peak seasons we tend to have 2-3 kids in sports about 5-6 times a week. My husband complains and I get a bit tired at times, but the kids love what they do and iit is good for them. It’s rare to have a couple of weeks to just be together and do new adventures. 

My husband was able to take a lot of it off with us. He just woke early and went back to work today while the kids have four more official days before they are back. He set his alarm early and then snoozed for a good hour. Finally I realized it was time so I rolled out of bed to get the coffee started and make his breakfast. Now that he’s out the door I have been sitting here spending time with God and getting ready for the day. I am letting the kids sleep in a bit still, but the late night tv watching ended yesterday, so they can start getting to sleep earlier. 

It is very present in my mind how grateful these moments are. Time is going by so fast and soon Caylee will be out of the house and then the rest will slowly follow. As I sit here I hear Ian wake and hop on his scooter to ride to my room for the morning hello.  Owen just popped his head in to say hello. 

It was the first year we had a fake Christmas tree. I found it back in November at a consignment shop for cheap. I was getting discouraged in the past years with the trees dying before Christmas even came. Plus last year we went to a cheaper tree farm and after Vince and I arguing on the way we realized we were going to be hunting while walking around cow pies. I am sad we can’t feed them to the goats and chickens though. 

Christmas was spent together at home. The kids got toys and books. There was a lot of sleeping by me and playing by the kids. I made a ham dinner. On the eve I drug the family out to the candlelight service. 

A couple of days after we packed up and went to the cabin for two nights. It always takes a night to settle in, but each time we go more repairs are being done to make it more pleasant. We spent the day going up to the mountain to find snow. Sledding was closed but the kids were able to roll down the hill and make snow angels. Then we traveled down a long forest road to Packwood for pizza. 

After we came home for a day we packed back up and went to the beach in Lincoln City for two nights.  The kids went to a play place childcare on the eve for dinner time and then we picked them up at 9 to ring in the New Years. Ian fell asleep by 11, and we lit a fire and watched the ball drop as a family. On the way home we took a wrong turn, so decided to stop at the air museum and the cheese factory  

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