Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Am I Loving Well?

I am a break neck pace person with my always on the go mentality. There is always and adv to be tackled. My mom is the same and had us running around doing different activities. She was amazing with how she could make it all happen and not seem to break. 

With having four kids and now they are all in sports. The last trickling in, its becoming a bit hectic. I thought my husband would love being the sideline dad and doing all the things but I think the pace is upsetting him and the lack of connection to the sports themselves. I find that since we own a business all I tend to talk about is this and that related to it with him. It gets to these points where I have to stop and check and then I don’t know if that even makes a difference. 

How do you balance it all as a parent?  Following and honoring God while being a great mom and wife and shuttling kids to their events. At what point have I lost touch?  I had to stop and ask myself Am I Loving them well?  

I think that’s a yes and no answer. I dedicate my life to them and their ventures. I jump in with both feet, but mentally I start to feel out of touch with it. Life gets so serious. They get so much with it that they stop appreciating the little things sometimes and we clash in moments where the frustration is the highest. Certainly we can have passions and interests. Things that keep us in shape and connected. I have a supportive husband but at what point does he stop being supportive?  Hints here and there to me about my brashness. I am being checked for over talking him and not being respectful about listening and noticing what he finds important. 

The rule book to life is the Bible. It’s a truth, so I can’t say there’s no rule book for life. I can say that each person is different. Each family is different and there’s no rule book for the family. 

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