Monday, January 13, 2020

No Snow

The hype is real. Today was supposed to be the start of a whopper snow day. All week long the white stuff was to come down. I was so excited about the thought that I mentally prepared to not prepare for today. When I woke I looked out to find rain. Dang it!  

Let me say also that I cheated a bit this weekend and didn’t install the social media apps, but I went on the or pages via the web and I can say that my motivation and production went down. No books were read and my patience was at a zilch. It’s definitely time to roll. The weekend was spent with the kids on Saturday cleaning the house and then pizza with my old friend Chantel. Vince has been out of town for three days for business and so we were excited to see him roll in to dinner. A sight for sore eyes. 

Sunday was filled with lounging, the Seahawks losing in the playoffs, Caylee and I binge watching the Netflix series Cheer, Logan, Ian and Owen having sleepovers in their rooms and filling their days with scooter riding, legos, Disney Plus and fighting. Life is blessed. 

Now it’s back to business since it’s Monday and no snow. 

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