Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Wednesday is back again

How has it been a week since I wrote?  Life is crazy, beautiful busy. The kids are coming off a four day break. Three of the days Caylee spent doing her cheer competition and practice. Her team did so so and had some mistakes. A time for humbling retrospect. The first day the boys came to watch with Vince and I.  He took them to the zoo in between. Sunday I went solo. After her stage moment she came off and I could see the look in her eyes so we went off for a quiet moment together so she could decompress in peace. 

This last week has been full of moments. Moments like a major hospital bill that I acquired after a quick trip for anxiety. The discount application gets rejected and so after finding an error in their calculations I resubmit. Last week I learn it’s completely gone. All forgiven. 

Yesterday I wake up to an email saying that there is a water meter on our beach lot that’s been there for five years. One that nobody knew about at the time of purchase. I even had submitted an application for its installation last year and gave up due to cost for a bit and they didn’t even know. Now we find that water was there all along

Then I hear the news that the cheer gym the Caylee and I sadly left last year. The one that we left friends but we felt it in our hearts to move on. To become cheer gym nomads of sorts...that gym just announced that after six years of operation they are closing after this year. Multiple girls will be without a home. 

As I recount these blessings of our moves and our blessings I can see a theme that I know is not a coincidence. 

All is forgiven. 
Bringing forth streams and water in the desert land where there is no water. 
Leave the city where I placed you and become nomads  

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