Monday, January 6, 2020

Winter Break Closing

It’s the Monday after winter break. How crazy that it’s been two weeks. What a blessing. I feel they are old enough to where they still fight and get on each other’s nerves, but overall they enjoy each other’s company. I am grateful for the pause in our schedule we so desperately needed.  I am grateful that as much as I want to go get a job and we could definitely use the money that I would have missed out on this time together. I am grateful my husband got to spend a lot of it with us. 

It started over two weeks ago at the Jumanji 2 movie. It ended with four days of the kids and I not really going anywhere. I literally used one take of gas all break and I still have a quarter. The boys played together and spent so much time building legos in the play room and working together. Caylee since she doesn’t have a cell phone spent so much time reading that she re-read the first 3 Harry Potter books Illuatrated addition and a fourth book. 

I would find her missing and open her door to find her in a corner or in her bed reading a book. What a joy for a mom to find. I am grateful to God for these memories and it’s bittersweet as a mom to realize that someday it will end. Maybe it’s time to buy that big property and go off grid so each kid can have a parcel to build on. Maybe the crazy Alaska shows have it right. They might spend time separate, but they come back together in seasons. They take care of each other honestly and truly. 

May God bless our week, our year and our lives as we go forward and head into the the hustle. 

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