Monday, February 3, 2020

the day after Super Bowl

The super bowl was yesterday and I was lucky enough to take Vince and the kids to my parents house to watch it together. My mom had been hinting. We were secretly planning on going and then she came out right and asked me directly. Elana came over with Jackson and Jay. They are so cute and had fun playing as cousins. Jackson wasn’t so sure about Vince and I. It took the evening for him to come up and give us a fast hug or an ET finger. 

Friday both Caylee and Ian had birthday parties. Both were sleepovers but caylee had to come home that night on my rules and Ian had his first sleepover. Caylee said they had fish snacks and fish candies and chocolate milk. Ian got his hands on some Dr Pepper and a gaggle if sugary treats. Silly kid. He said he stayed up with his buddy until the sun came up. When I got him back he was tired but didn’t know it. He finally took a power 30 and then woke to head to Matthews laser tag party. 

When they were gone Logan and Owen had us playing Risk together while eating pizza and root beer floats. He had my back when I said I didn’t want to battle any guys in the game. He said that dad will be the crazy machine man in a war and I will be saying peace and love and praying. I love those kids. 

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