Monday, February 17, 2020

what a few weekends

I take a few weekends off from writing and oh my I have a lot to catch up on. First off the weekends ago Caylee had a cheer competition in our area and her team took first place out of six teams. Literally it was a dream and a total surprise.  I thought she’d maybe make second since they have been having a few bumps. The announcer is hard to decipher and it turns out a caylee didn’t even know she won for quite a while. She didn’t even know they were calling her division because a lot of her teammates are also on other teams. When her teammates started jumping up and down she thought the other gyms team had won and was happy for them. Then her teammate handed her the medal and yelled we won first and that’s when it hit her. It was also the first time she’s won a championship jacket. That girl wore that all week long to school. 

Last Friday was Valentine’s Day. It was a Friday so all three boys he parties at their school. It was Logan’s last school class party as he is in junior high next year.  Very bittersweet. Owen has his last year of preschool and made out with quite a few valentines. Well caylee came running to my car after class saying she wanted unexpectedly to go to the valentines school social but she needed $4. I didn’t have any cash and so we went home. She was sad in the back seat and in succumbed. I raced home and back with her and the money and got to the school to drop her off. This extra trip was making me late to grab the boys from their pick up so I quickly sped off. About an hour later my husband and so hop in the car and start to head to her school along the 40 mph highway and as we are rounding our second corner we
See her marching along the road. I couldn’t believe it!  We pulled over and got her in the car. It turns out that since it’s a school function after the bell you can’t leave and return and so they wouldn’t let her in. With no cell phone of her own and feeling defeated she decided it was best to walk the four mile trek along the winding old highway in a pair of crocs and a cardigan. I can’t tell you how my heart felt all night after that realizing what had happened and how she could have been hit or stolen. My girl said she was scared but kept her head high and marched on. We all learned a lesson. More planning for a school function from her. Less hurry from me and if the function won’t let you in ask for a phone to call me. 

This last weekend was the last one sports free in quite awhile since caylee and I have cheer weekends and the boys start soccer. Saturday we loaded in the car and drove to Seattle to watch the first XFL game. How fun it was to spend the day together at the field cheering on the players. Sunday we loaded up with the same tank of gas and headed to the beach for the day. The rain cleared while we parked and we walked and found old Japanese bottles and buoys that had floated up on shore. 

I am grateful for my family and these moments. 

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