Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Today is my son Logan’s 11th birthday. Here is a memory I had wanted to keep. I had him open some soccer goals
For his birthday yesterday because he was bored. The poor kid was so stinking excited and set them all up. Then he had this big smile and started asking siblings if they wanted to play. They all said no but I could tell it seemed like a maybe. He didn’t realize and I didn’t want to push so he asked if he could put on his jersey from the league and I said yes. He came out all decked with socks shorts and all so happy. He looked around and I was standing g there. Like okay buddy I’ll play with you while I was thinking crap. I am going to die lol. Soon the siblings all come and join and we are all playing but I was dying. Holy hell. Need to do more cardio.  It was super fun and we had the whole family out there playing with him.